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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014Effect of lifestyle intervention on the reproductive endocrine profile in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysisHaqq, Liza; McFarlane, James R; Dieberg, Gudrun ; Smart, Neil 2-May-2014
22011Endometriosis Gene Expression Heterogeneity and Biosignature: A Phylogenetic AnalysisAbu-Asab, Mones; Zhang, Ming; Amini, Dennis; Abu-Asab, Nihad ; Amri, Hakima3-Feb-2012
32005A differential pattern of follistatin expression in the placenta between spontaneous, induced and non-labouring patient groupsRae, KM; Hollebone, KG; Meng, L; Clausen, DC; McFarlane, James R1-Oct-2010
42005'In vivo' evidence for a role of bone morphogenetic protein-4 in ovarian functionTanwar, PS; McFarlane, James R30-Sep-2010
52013Application of Testis Germ Cell Transplantation in Breeding Systems of Food Producing Species: A ReviewHerrid, Muren ; McFarlane, James R22-Aug-2013
62012Effect of passive immunization against leptin on ovarian follicular development in prepubertal micePanwar, Shalini; Herrid, Muren ; Kauter, Kathleen; McFarlane, James R28-May-2013
72015The impact of passive immunization against BMPR1B and BMP4 on follicle development and ovulation in miceAl-Samerria, Sarmed; Al-Ali, Ibtisam Abbas Nasir; McFarlane, James R; Almahbobi, G13-Jul-2015
82004Evidence for hypothalamic control of fetal leptin secretion during late gestationMcMillen, I C; Houghton, D C; McFarlane, James R; Kauter, Kathleen; Young, I R26-Oct-2011
92011Delayed fathering and risk of mental disorders in adult offspringKrishnaswamy, Saroja; Subramaniam, Kavitha; Ramachandran, Padma; Indran, Tishya; Abdul Aziz, Jemain31-Oct-2011
102016Postnatal Expression of Bone Morphogenetic Proteins and Their Receptors in the Mouse TestisCiller, I M; Palanisamy, S K A; Ciller, Ursula A ; McFarlane, James R22-Mar-2017

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