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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013Critical Discourse Analysis of Rhetoric Against Complementary MedicineFlatt, Jeffrey21-Nov-2013
22007Comparison of Echinacea alkylamide pharmacokinetics between liquid and tablet preparationsMatthias, A; Addison, RS; Agnew, Linda ; Bone, Kerry; Watson, Kenneth ; Lehmann, R. P.11-Nov-2009
32012Insulinotrophic and insulin-like effects of a high molecular weight aqueous extract of 'Pterocarpus marsupium' Roxb. hardwoodMohankumar, Sureshkumar; O'Shea, Timothy; McFarlane, James R19-Jul-2012
42011Self and Other: Toward An Expanded View of the Immune System in Health & DiseaseJones, Graham L 30-Jul-2012
52008Cytotoxic activity of polyacetylenes and polyenes isolated from roots of 'Echinacea pallida'Chicca, A; Pellati, F; Nieri, P; Adinolfi, B; Matthias, A; Massarelli, I; Benvenuti, S; Martinotti, E; Bianucci, A M; Bone, Kerry; Lehmann, R6-Nov-2009
62006Professional autonomy: Is it the future of general practice?Fraser, John 18-Nov-2009
72007Enhanced antioxidant effect a of herbal-nutrient complex including ascorbic acid and 'Polygonum cuspidatum' extract (containing resveratrol)Andrews, Chris; Matthias, Anita; Agnew, Linda ; Reinke, Nicole; Watson, Kenneth ; Bone, Kerry; Lehmann, Reg P13-May-2010
82004Acupuncture: finding a place in integrative medicineBehrens, K; Harris, J 16-May-2008
92008Effects of a Standardised 'Bacopa Monniera' Extract on Cognitive Performance, Anxiety and Depression in the Elderly: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled TrialCalabrese, Carlo; Gregory, William L; Leo, Michael; Kraemer, Dale; Bone, Kerry; Oken, Barry18-Jan-2010
102007Hypnotherapy - poised to enter higher educationGraham, Jenny; Wilson, Ian; Isouard, Godfrey ; Cowen, Leon W20-Feb-2012