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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12012Effect of β-Glucan addition on Technological, Sensory, and Structural Properties of Durum Wheat PastaAravind, Nisha ; Sissons, Mike ; Egan, Narelle; Fellows, Chris ; Blazek, Jaroslav; Gilbert, Elliot P19-Feb-2013
22014Scale Formation in Sugar Juice Heat ExchangersEast, Christopher Paul; Fellows, Christopher ; Doherty, William O S17-Apr-2014
32014Modeling the co-precipitation of silica and calcium oxalate in sugar solutionsEast, Christopher Paul; Fellows, Christopher ; Doherty, William Orlando Sinclair31-Mar-2014
42013Aspects of the kinetics and solubility of silica and calcium oxalate composites in sugar solutionsEast, Christopher Paul; Fellows, Chris ; Doherty, William Orlando Sinclair13-Feb-2014
52011The influence of seed morphology, ultra-structure and chemistry on the milling quality of chickpeaWood, Jennifer Ann; Choct, Mingan ; Knights, Edmund; Campbell, Grant18-Apr-2011
62012Rapid tenderisation of lamb 'M. longissimus' with very fast chilling depends on rapidly achieving sub-zero temperaturesJacob, Robin; Rosenvold, Katja; North, Michael; Kemp, Robert; Warner, Robyn; Geesink, Geert 10-Apr-2014
72009Effect of Poly(acrylic acid) Molecular Mass and End-Group Functionality on Calcium Oxalate Crystal Morphology and GrowthEast, Christopher; Wallace, Andrew ; Al-Hamzah, Ali; Doherty, William Orlando Sinclair; Fellows, Christopher 6-Apr-2010