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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12012Developing a Simple Accelerometer Based Grazing SensorTrotter, Mark ; Falzon, Gregory ; Dobos, Robin C ; Lamb, David 3-Feb-2014
22003A Processor Array for Computing Wavelet EnergiesDunstan, N ; Hodgson, S10-Jul-2008
32013Surviving the data deluge: geostatistical and signal processing methodologies for smart farm sensor networksFalzon, Gregory ; Henry, David ; Taylor, Kerry; Lefort, Laurent; Gaire, Raj; Wark, Tim; Schneider, Derek ; Trotter, Mark ; Murphy, Aron ; Lamb, David 9-Sep-2013
42013Finite Impulse Response Double Density Filter Banks and FrameletsJayawardena, Ashoka ; Kwan, Paul H 5-Mar-2013
52003Design of Double Density Wavelet Filter BanksJayawardena, Ashoka 8-Feb-2010
62003Design of Symmetric Bi-orthogonal Double Density Wavelet Filter BanksJayawardena, Ashoka 4-Feb-2010
72004High Precision and High Speed TV Picture Quality Enhancement Method based on Compactly Supported Sampling FunctionRyu, Heeburm; Nakamura, Koji; Toraichi, Kazuo; Kwan, Paul Hing ; Morooka, Yasou; Wada, Koichi8-Feb-2010
82007A Novel Probing Technique for Mode Estimation in Video Coding ArchitecturesJayawardena, Ashoka 17-Feb-2010
92004A Factorization Approach for Symmetric Bi-Orthogonal Double Density Wavelet Filter BanksJayawardena, Ashoka 15-Feb-2010
1020033-Band Linear Phase Bi-orthogonal Wavelet Filter BanksJayawardena, Ashoka 16-Feb-2010