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12011How Do Australian Timber Bridges Stack Up? A comparative study with International Timber Bridge developmentsMoore, John Chisnall ; Glencross-Grant, Rex ; Mahini, Saeed S ; Patterson, Robert 19-Feb-2015
22015Correlation between chloride-induced corrosion initiation and time to cover cracking in RC StructuresHosseini, Seyed Abbas; Shabakhty, Naser; Mahini, Seyed Saeed 9-Aug-2016
32003South Pacific Gold - Sustainable Utilisation of a Native Timber on a Small and Remote South Pacific IslandGlencross-Grant, Rex 6-Mar-2014
42003Red Gold in the South Pacific - Plantation Development and Utilisation of a Valuable Exotic Species on Norfolk IslandGlencross-Grant, Rex 6-Mar-2014
52010Developments in engineering education for rural AustraliaGlencross-Grant, Rex 8-Jan-2013
62012The evolution of large-truss road bridges in NSW, AustraliaGlencross-Grant, Rex 7-Dec-2012
72015Intercomparison dripper testing within the INITLKoech, Richard ; Molle, Bruno; Pires de Camargo, Antonio; Dimaiolo, Pascal; Audouard, Mathieu; Saretta, Ezequiel; Frizzone, Jose Antonio; Pezzaniti, David; Benhu, Gao5-Nov-2015
81996In-grade Testing of Norfolk Island pine ('Araucaria heterophylla') to Enable Characterisation for use as a Structural TimberGlencross-Grant, Rex 3-Jul-2013
92004Designing a 'Best Practice' Model of Integrated Biosystems of Waste Re-Use in a Typical Rural Town: Final Report - July 2004Patrick, Ian ; McNeill, Judith ; Stuart, Deidre; Wilkes, Janelle ; Glencross-Grant, Rex ; van der Muelen, Annie; Clibborn, Ben; Curtis, Murray; Cathcart, Max3-Jul-2013
102006The evolution of timber truss road bridges in New South WalesGlencross-Grant, Rex 1-Oct-2014