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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002Waste not, want not: Present and future solid waste management in Northern NSWFowler, Mark; Rhook, Kate; Glencross-Grant, Rex 13-Jan-2015
22015Performance vs Resilience-based Earthquake Design for Low and Medium-rise retrofitted RC BuildingsMahini, Saeed S ; Setunge, Sujeeva; Hadigheh, Seyed Ali22-Jul-2016
32006Computer Model for Repaired RC Beams using Web-Bonded FRP SheetsMahini, Seyed Saeed ; Ronagh, Hamid R6-Mar-2014
42006Ductility of FRP-Repaired Exterior RC Beam-Column JointsMahini, Seyed Saeed ; Ronagh, Hamid R6-Mar-2014
52007Seismic Upgrading of Existing RC Ordinary Moment Resisting Frames using FRPsMahini, Seyed Saeed ; Ronagh, Hamid R6-Mar-2014
62015Measuring Dynamic Impaction Aged Timber Bridges: Some Experimental OptionsMoore, John C ; Mahini, Saeed S 12-Sep-2016
72007A new method for improving ductility in existing RC ordinary moment resisting frames using FRPsMahini, Seyed Saeed ; Ronagh, Hamid R5-Feb-2013
82011Numerical Investigation on the Behavior of FRP-Retrofitted RC Exterior Beam-Column Joints under Cyclic LoadsDalalbashi Esfahani, A; Mostofinejad, D; Mahini, Seyed Saeed ; Ronagh, Hamid R18-Feb-2013
92011Web-bonded FRPs for relocation of plastic hinges away from the column face in exterior RC jointsMahini, Seyed Saeed ; Ronagh, Hamid R27-Feb-2013
102012A Review Of Non-Destructive Test Methods: Appropriate Choice Of A Method For Use With Timber Beam Bridge GirdersGlencross-Grant, Rex ; Moore, John Chisnall ; Patterson, Robert 27-Feb-2013