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12012The Nature, Impact and Implications of Soil Evaporation in Vineyards for Irrigation Efficiency and ManagementKerridge, Belinda Leanne; Faulkner, Richard; Christen, Evan; Hornbuckle, John 2-Aug-2012
22004Controlled drainage management to minimise salt loadsHornbuckle, John; Christen, Evan W; Faulkner, Richard David ; Ayars, JE29-Aug-2012
32004Improving subsurface drainage design - minimising the environmental impactsHornbuckle, John; Christen, Evan W; Faulkner, Richard David 29-Aug-2012
42008Soil Spatial Variability Effects on Irrigation EfficiencyKerridge, Belinda L; Hornbuckle, John; Christen, Evan W; Faulkner, Richard David 29-Aug-2012
52006Water Quality on New England wool propertiesReid, Nick ; Green, Stuart ; Fittler, Jim17-Oct-2011
62004A simple technique using wooden stakes to estimate vertical patterns of interstitial oxygenation in the beds of riversMarmonier, P; Delettre, Y; Lefebvre, S; Guyon, J; Boulton, Andrew John 20-May-2009
72005Controlled water table management as a strategy for reducing salt loads from subsurface drainage under perennial agriculture in semi-arid AustraliaHornbuckle, John; Christen, Evan W; Ayars, James E; Faulkner, Richard David 11-Dec-2009
82004Response of epixylic biofilm metabolism to water level variability in a regulated floodplain riverRyder, Darren 30-Jun-2008
92005Use of SIRMOD as a Quasi Real Time Surface Irrigation Decision Support SystemHornbuckle, J; Christen, EW; Faulkner, RD 26-Sep-2008
102007Evaporation, Seepage and Water Quality Management in Storage Dams: A Review of Research MethodsCraig, Ian; Aravinthan, Vasantha; Foley, Joe; Hancock, Nigel; Lamb, David ; Morrison, Pippa; Misra, Rabi; Mossad, Ruth; Pittaway, Pam; Prime, Emma; Rees, Steve; Schmidt, Erik; Baillie, Craig; Solomon, David; Symes, Troy; Turnbull, David; Beswick, Alan; Barnes, Geoff; Bradbury, Ronald ; Connell, Luke; Coop, Paul Andrew; Fellows, Christopher ; Fitzmaurice, Li12-Jul-2011