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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Preliminary evidence of age-dependent clinical signs associated with porcine circovirus 2b in experimentally infected CH3/Rockefeller micede Castro, Alessandra M M G; Cruz, Tais F; Richtzenhain, Leonardo J; Yamada, Katarina B; Gerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Gabardo, Michelle P; Araujo Jr, Joao P; Guedes, Roberto M C; Mori, Cinthia K; Oliveira, Camila P; Santos, Sueli S9-Jun-2017
22014Identification of recently described porcine parvoviruses in archived North American samples from 1996 and association with porcine circovirus associated diseaseOpriessnig, Tanja; Xiao, Chao-Ting; Gerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Halbur, Patrick G6-Jun-2017
32014Detection of antibodies against porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in serum and colostrum by indirect ELISAGerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Gong, Qiaoling; Huang, Yao-Wei; Wang, Chong; Holtkamp, Derald; Opriessnig, Tanja6-Jun-2017
42014Comparison of Real-Time Reverse Transcriptase PCR Assays for Detection of Swine Hepatitis E Virus in Fecal SamplesGerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Xiao, Chao-Ting; Cao, Dianjun; Meng, Xiang-Jin; Opriessnig, Tanja6-Jun-2017
52014The spray-drying process is sufficient to inactivate infectious porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in plasmaGerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Xiao, Chao-Ting; Chen, Qi; Zhang, Jianqiang; Halbur, Patrick G; Opriessnig, Tanja6-Jun-2017
62017First identification of porcine parvovirus 6 in PolandCui, Jin; Fan, Jinghui; Gerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Biernacka, Kinga; Stadejek, Tomasz; Xiao, Chao-Ting; Opriessnig, Tanja4-Jun-2017
72013A PCV2 vaccine based on genotype 2b is more effective than a 2a-based vaccine to protect against PCV2b or combined PCV2a/2b viremia in pigs with concurrent PCV2, PRRSV and PPV infectionOpriessnig, Tanja; O'Neill, Kevin; Gerber, Priscilla Freitas ; de Castro, Alessandra M M G; Gimenez-Lirola, Luis G; Beach, Nathan M; Zhou, Lei; Meng, Xiang-Jin; Wang, Chong; Halbur, Patrick G5-Jun-2017
82014A commercial vaccine based on PCV2a and an experimental vaccine based on a variant mPCV2b are both effective in protecting pigs against challenge with a 2013 U.S. variant mPCV2b strainOpriessnig, Tanja; Gerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Xiao, Chao-Ting; Mogler, Mark; Halbur, Patrick G6-Jun-2017
92014Mutant USA strain of porcine circovirus type 2 (mPCV2) exhibits similar virulence to the classical PCV2a and PCV2b strains in caesarean-derived, colostrum-deprived pigsOpriessnig, Tanja; Xiao, Chao-Ting; Gerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Halbur, Patrick G; Matzinger, Shannon R; Meng, Xiang-Jin6-Jun-2017
102016Evaluation of serological cross-reactivity and cross-neutralization between the United States porcine epidemic diarrhea virus prototype and S-INDEL-variant strainsChen, Qi; Thomas, Joseph T; Madson, Darin M; Magstadt, Drew R; Zhang, Jianqiang; Gimenez-Lirola, Luis G; Hardham, John M; Gao, Qinshan; Gerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Opriessnig, Tanja; Zheng, Ying; Li, Ganwu; Gauger, Phillip C7-Jun-2017