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12013Lack of antibody protection against 'Porcine circovirus' 2 and 'Porcine parvovirus' in naturally infected dams and their offspringDias, A S; Gerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Araujo, A S; Auler, P A; Gallinari, G C; Lobato, Z I P5-Jun-2017
22017First identification of porcine parvovirus 6 in PolandCui, Jin; Fan, Jinghui; Gerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Biernacka, Kinga; Stadejek, Tomasz; Xiao, Chao-Ting; Opriessnig, Tanja4-Jun-2017
32011Serum antibodies and shedding of infectious porcine circovirus 2 into colostrum and milk of vaccinated and unvaccinated naturally infected sowsGerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Garrocho, Flavia M; Lana, Angela M Q; Lobato, Zelia I P5-Jun-2017
42013Emergence of a novel mutant PCV2b variant associated with clinical PCVAD in two vaccinated pig farms in the U.S. concurrently infected with PPV2Opriessnig, Tanja; Xiao, Chao-Ting; Gerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Halbur, Patrick G5-Jun-2017
52009Distribution of antibodies against porcine circovirus type-2 (PCV2) in single site and multi-site farrow-to-finish farms in BrazilGerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Galinari, Grazielle C F; Silva, Marcos X; Campos, Fabia S; Reis, Adrienny C T; Lobato, Zelia I P5-Jun-2017
62014Identification of recently described porcine parvoviruses in archived North American samples from 1996 and association with porcine circovirus associated diseaseOpriessnig, Tanja; Xiao, Chao-Ting; Gerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Halbur, Patrick G6-Jun-2017
72015Subclinical avian hepatitis E virus infection in layer flocks in the United StatesGerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Trampel, Darrell W; Willinghan, Eric M; Billam, Padma; Meng, Xiang-Jin; Opriessnig, Tanja9-Jun-2017
82014The spray-drying process is sufficient to inactivate infectious porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in plasmaGerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Xiao, Chao-Ting; Chen, Qi; Zhang, Jianqiang; Halbur, Patrick G; Opriessnig, Tanja6-Jun-2017
92013Characterization of porcine parvovirus type 2 (PPV2) which is highly prevalent in the USAXiao, Chao-Ting; Gerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Gimenez-Lirola, Luis G; Halbur, Patrick G; Opriessnig, Tanja6-Jun-2017
102016A porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus candidate vaccine based on the synthetic attenuated virus engineering approach is attenuated and effective in protecting against homologous virus challengeEvenson, D; Gerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Xiao, C T; Halbur, P G; Wang, C; Tian, D; Ni, Y Y; Meng, X J; Opriessnig, T7-Jun-2017