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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12005Nutrition-Gene Interactions (Post-Genomics): Changes in gene expression through nutritional manipulationsHarper, Gregory S; Lehnert, Sigrid A; Greenwood, Paul20-Jun-2013
22007Dietary protein intake influences gut health in dogs: Can high-protein diets be too much of a good thing?Brown, Wendy ; Redman, Andrew J; Pluske, John R29-May-2012
32016Optimization of a vitrification protocol for hatched blastocysts from the dromedary camel ('Camelus dromedarius')Herrid, Muren ; Billah, M; Malo, C; Skidmore, J A6-Apr-2016
42011The novel reproductive biology of the female flying-fox and its implications for the successful development of an artificial insemination programmeMelville, D F; O'Brien, Gemma M; Johnston, S D27-Mar-2012
52006Influences on the loin and cellular characteristics of the 'm. longissimus lumborum' of Australian Poll Dorset-sired lambsGreenwood, Paul; Davis, JJ; Gaunt, GM; Ferrier, GR13-Dec-2011
62018The Disappearing Lamellae: Implications of New Findings in the Family Equidae Suggest the Loss of Nuchal Ligament Lamellae on C6 and C7 Occurred After DomesticationMay-Davis, Sharon; Brown, Wendy ; Vermeulen, Zefanja14-Aug-2018
72006Gene expression profiling of bovine skeletal muscle in response to and during recovery from chronic and severe undernutritionLehnert, SA; Byrne, KA; Reverter, Antonio; Nattrass, GS; Greenwood, Paul; Wang, YH; Hudson, NJ; Harper, GS15-Dec-2011
82006A gene coexpression network for bovine skeletal muscle inferred from microarray dataReverter, Antonio; Hudson, Nicholas J; Harper, Gregory S; Lehnert, Sigrid A; Dalrymple, Brian P; Wang, Yonghong; Tan, Siok-Hwee; Barris, Wes; Byrne, Keren A; McWilliam, Sean M; Bottema, Cynthia DK; Kister, Adam; Greenwood, Paul16-Dec-2011
92013Whole Body Computed Tomography with Advanced Imaging Techniques: A Research Tool for Measuring Body Composition in DogsPurushothaman, Dharma; Vanselow, Barbara ; Wu, Shubiao ; Butler, Sarah; Brown, Wendy 9-Apr-2014
102009Consequences of prenatal and preweaning growth for feedlot growth, intake and efficiency of Piedmontese- and Wagyu-sired cattleCafe, Linda ; Hennessy, DW; Hearnshaw, H; Morris, SG; Greenwood, Paul11-Jan-2012