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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12019Modelling the potential effects of climate factors on Dubas bug (Ommatissus lybicus) presence/absence and its infestation rate: A case study from OmanAl Kindi, Khalifa M; Kwan, Paul ; Andrew, Nigel R ; Welch, Mitchell 7-Jun-2019
22003The Biology of Australian Weeds 43. Polymeria longifolia LindlJohnson, SB; Sindel, BM ; Jessop, RS ; Jones, CE13-Jun-2008
32006The use of ARMS PCR in detection and identification of xanthomonads associated with pistachio dieback in AustraliaMarefat, A; Orphel-Keller, K; Scott, E S; Sedgley, Margaret 2-Mar-2010
42015Survey of weed impact, management, and research priorities in Australian cucurbit productionColeman, Michael ; Sindel, Brian M ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Henderson, Craig W L30-Jun-2015
52004Pollen grains as markers to track the movements of generalist predatory insects in agroecosystemsSilberbauer, Letitia; Yee, Marie; del Socorro, Alice ; Wratten, Steve; Gregg, Peter ; Bowie, Mike1-Dec-2009
62008Weed management in organic echinacea ('Echinacea purpurea') and lettuce ('Lactuca sativa') productionKristiansen, Paul ; Sindel, Brian Mark ; Jessop, Robin Stephen 2-Dec-2009
72016Weed species in tomato production and their role as alternate hosts of 'Tomato spotted wilt virus' and its vector 'Frankliniella occidentalis'Macharia, Isaac; Backhouse, David ; Wu, Shubiao ; Ateka, Elijah Miinda24-Aug-2016
82016Nutrient management in rainfed lowland rice farming systems of MyanmarThwe, Hla Myo; Kristiansen, Paul ; Rugendyke, Barbara; Herridge, David ; Lockwood, Peter28-Oct-2016
92005Options for control of 'Nassella trichotoma' on the Northern Tablelands of New South WalesTrotter, Tieneke ; Sindel, Brian Mark ; Murison, Robert David ; Jessop, Robin Stephen 27-Jul-2012
102005Detection of Phylloxera Infestation in Grape Vines using NMR MethodsTucker, David ; Lamb, David ; Murison, Robert D ; Powell, Kevin S ; Blanchfield, A; Brereton, I27-Jul-2012

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