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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Genotyping and Mutation Scanning by High Resolution Melting (HRM) Analysis of Citrus EST-SNPs and SSRsDistefano, Gaetano; Lo Piero, Angela Roberta; La Malfa, Stefano; Caruso, Marco; Nicolosi, Elisabetta; Wu, Shubiao ; Gentile, Alessandra26-Nov-2015
22006Micropropagation of selected ornamental hybrids of 'Eucalyptus erythronema' x 'E. stricklandii'Glocke, P; Delaporte, K; Collins, G; Sedgley, Margaret 29-Jul-2013
32007'Banksia': New Proteaceous Cut Flower CropSedgley, Margaret 1-Dec-2010
420066-Benzylamino purine stimulates 'in vitro' shoot organogenesis in 'Eucalyptus erythronema, E. stricklandii' and their interspecific hybridsGlocke, Pauline; Collins, Graham; Sedgley, Margaret 2-Mar-2010
52006Micropropagation of juvenile tissue of Eucalyptus erythronema x eucalyptus stricklandii cv. 'urrbrae gem'Glocke, P; Delaporte, K; Collins, G; Sedgley, Margaret 2-Mar-2010
62002Towards Sterile Plant Production in Sturt's Desert Pea ('Swainsona formosa') via Anther CultureTaji, Acram; Prakash, Nallamilli; Zulkarnair, Z18-Jan-2010
72006Update on long-term cryopreservation of almond germplasmWithensohn, M; Collins, G; Channuntapipat, C; Sedgley, Margaret 25-May-2010
82016Propagation of 'Melaleuca cajuputi' by stem cuttings on the central coast of VietnamHuynh, Thi Ngan Ha; Kristiansen, Paul ; Yunusa, Isa ; Tran, Minh Duc20-Mar-2017
92006Selection of novel hybrid eucalyptsDelaporte, Kate; Sedgley, Margaret 12-May-2010
102017Molecular Breeding and GenomicsFont i Forcada, Carolina; Sanchez-Perez, Raquel; Eduardo, Iban; Wu, Shubiao ; Fernandez i Marti, Angel4-Jul-2018