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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12008Anatomy and physiology of graft incompatibility in solanaceous plantsKawaguchi, Masayo; Taji, A; Backhouse, David ; Oda, M3-Dec-2009
22018Exploring the Potential of High Resolution WorldView-3 Imagery for Estimating Yield of MangoRahman, Muhammad ; Robson, Andrew ; Bristow, Mila19-Mar-2019
32013Production Trends in Mature Macadamia Orchards and the Effects of Selective Limb Removal, Side-hedging, and Topping on Yield, Nut Characteristics, Tree Size, and EconomicsMcFadyen, Lisa Maree; Robertson, David; Sedgley, Margaret ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Olesen, Trevor D 23-Jul-2013
42012Sexual compatibility of the olive cultivar 'Kalamata' assessed by paternity analysisSeifi, E; Guerin, J; Kaiser, B; Sedgley, Margaret 23-Jul-2013
52016Effect of Initial Spacing on First Thinning Product Recovery, and Financial Outcomes in Whitewood ('Endospermum medullosum') Plantations in VanuatuSmith, R Geoff B ; Glencross, Kevin; Nichols, J Doland; Palmer, Graeme; Viranamangga, Rexon6-Apr-2016
62008Inflorescence architecture of oliveSeifi, Esmaeil; Guerin, Jenny; Kaiser, Brent; Sedgley, Margaret 25-Feb-2010
72014Biochar makes green roof substrates lighter and improves water supply to plantsCao, Cuong Thi Ngoc; Farrell, Claire; Kristiansen, Paul ; Rayner, John27-Nov-2014
82012Time of pruning affects fruit abscission, stem carbohydrates and yield of macadamiaMcFadyen, Lisa Maree; Robertson, David; Sedgley, Margaret ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Olesen, Trevor David 27-Jun-2012
92012Effects of defoliation on flower development in atemoya custard apple ('Annona cherimola' Mill. x 'A. squamosa' L.) and implications for flower-development modellingOlesen, Trevor David ; Muldoon, SJ27-Jun-2012
102013Effects of girdling on fruit abscission, yield and shoot growth in macadamiaMcFadyen, Lisa; Robertson, David; Sedgley, Margaret ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Olesen, Trevor28-Mar-2014