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12009Bounty in the wake of HMS "Bounty" - strength determination and viable sustainability of Norfolk Island pine ('Araucaria heterophylla')Glencross-Grant, Rex 23-Apr-2014
22012A review of site-preparation, fertilizer and weeding practices for tropical plantation species with recommendations for whitewood ('Endospermum medullosum') in VanuatuSmith, R Geoff B ; Glencross, K; Nichols, J D; Grant, J C; Sethy, M23-Jul-2013
32012Spacing affects stem form, early growth and branching in young whitewood ('Endospermum medullosum') plantations in VanuatuGlencross, Kevin; Nichols, J D; Grant, J C; Sethy, M; Smith, R Geoff B 30-Jul-2013
42009Optimum Management of White Cypress Pine ('Callitris glaucophylla'): Individuals to LandscapesMcHenry, Melinda Therese; Wilson, Brian ; Guppy, C; Sindel, B; Lockwood, Peter11-Jan-2010
52008A rapid PCR-based diagnostic test for the identification of subspecies of 'Acacia saligna'Millar, M A; Byrne, M; Nuberg, I; Sedgley, Margaret 25-Feb-2010
62008High outcrossing and random pollen dispersal in a planted stand of 'Acacia saligna' subsp. 'saligna' revealed by paternity analysis using microsatellitesMillar, MA; Byrne, M; Nuberg, I; Sedgley, Margaret 25-Feb-2010
72008Economic potential of land-use change and forestry for carbon sequestration and poverty reductionCacho, Oscar Jose ; Hean, Robyn; Khasanah, Ni'matul; Ginoga, Kirsfianti; Wise, Russell M; Djaenudin, Deden; Lugina, Mega; Wulan, Yuliana; Subarudi,; Lusiana, Betha; van Noordwijk, Meine21-May-2010
82011A bioeconomic analysis of the potential of Indonesian agroforests as carbon sinksWise, Russell M; Cacho, Oscar Jose 29-Jul-2011
92010Review of of Ian Ridgway's 'Red Cedar-Red Gold Trilogy'Ryan, John Sprott 3-May-2011
102009Agroforestry for Natural Resource ManagementNuberg, Ian; George, Brendan ; Reid, Rowan28-Jun-2011