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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12011'Walwhalleya jacobsiana' (Poaceae, Paniceae), a new, rare species of grass from South AustraliaBruhl, Jeremy J ; Whalley, Ralph D 31-Aug-2011
22002Antioxidant Modifies the Stress Response of Human Cell Lines to UVB IrradiationJones, Graham Lloyd ; Peng, Jun; Piva, T; Boyle, G; Parsons, P; Watson, Kenneth 15-Aug-2012
32008Improving the Color Shelf Life of Farmed Southern Bluefin Tuna ('Thunnus maccoyii') Flesh with Dietary Supplements of Vitamins E and C and SeleniumBuchanan, Jeffrey G; Thomas, Philip6-May-2010
42006Purification and properties of a glutathione peroxidase from Southern bluefin tuna ('Thunnus maccoyii') liverThompson, Janene L; Thomas, Philip; Schuller, Kathryn A25-May-2010
52008Patterns of alien plant distribution in a river landscape following an extreme floodFoxcroft, LC; Parsons, Melissa ; McLoughlin, CA; Richardson, DM19-Jul-2011
62003Preliminary information on temporal changes in the blood chemistry of farmed southern bluefin tuna, 'Tunnus maccoyii' (Castelnau) after feeding and repeated sampling disturbanceThomas, Philip; Carter , Chris G; Carragher , John F; Glencross, Brett D26-May-2010
72014Ethnopharmacology and chemotaxonomy of essential oil yielding Australian plantsSadgrove, Nicholas ; Jones, Graham L; Greatrex, Ben ; Watson, Kenneth 24-Mar-2015
82012Vocal Behaviour of White-Cheeked Crested Gibbons ('Nomascus leucogenys'): Vocal Production, Usage and ResponseChen, Hou-Chun ; McFarlane, James; Cairns, Stuart 15-Oct-2012
92007Habitat width along a latitudinal gradientStauffer, Dietrich; Schulze, C; Rohde, Klaus30-Nov-2011
102001ParasitismRohde, Klaus8-Nov-2012