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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12005Phytogeography, range size and richness of Australian endemic 'Sauropus'Hunter, John T 1-May-2009
22011'Walwhalleya jacobsiana' (Poaceae, Paniceae), a new, rare species of grass from South AustraliaBruhl, Jeremy J ; Whalley, Ralph D 31-Aug-2011
32005Isolation and identification of antimicrobial compounds from the Australian medicinal plant 'Eremophila duttonii' (Scrophulariaceae)Smith, Joshua Eachan; Jones, Graham L ; Watson, Kenneth 10-Aug-2012
42004Seed-bank dynamics of 'Eleocharis': can spatial and temporal variability explain habitat segregation?Bell, Dorothy ; Clarke, Peter John 29-Oct-2009
52004Fire response syndromes of shrubs in grassy woodlands in the New England Tableland BioregionKnox, Kirsten Janet ; Clarke, Peter John 3-Nov-2009
62005Vegetation of Culgoa National Park, central northern New South WalesHunter, John T 3-Nov-2009
72008Wetland biodiversity in coastal New South Wales: the Wallis Lake catchment as a case studyGriffith, Stephen J ; Wilson, R3-Nov-2009
82005Floristics and distribution of Wattle Dry Sclerophyll Forests and Scrubs in north-eastern New South WalesHunter, John T 5-Nov-2009
92005Vegetation and floristics of Warra National Park and 'Wattleridge', Northern Tablelands, NSWHunter, John T 5-Nov-2009
102013Chemical and Biological Characterization of Novel Essential Oils from 'Eremophila bignoniiflora' (F. Muell) (Myoporaceae): A Traditional Aboriginal Australian Bush MedicineSadgrove, Nicholas; Hitchcock, Maria; Watson, Kenneth ; Jones, Graham L 17-Oct-2013