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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12003Australian wetland plants and wetlands in the landscape: Conservation of diversity and future managementBrock, Margaret Anne9-Aug-2010
22014The Tale of Teavan Driem, George10-May-2017
32005Long-term changes in semi-arid vegetation: Invasion of an exotic perennial grass has larger effects than rainfall variabilityClarke, Peter John ; Latz, Peter K; Albrecht, David E10-Dec-2009
42002Evidence of gynodioecy and sex ratio variation in 'Wurmbea biglandulosa' (Colchicaceae)Vaughton, Glenda Vera ; Ramsey, Michael William17-Dec-2009
51997Regulation of 'nif' Gene Expression and Nitrogen Metabolism in 'Azospirillum'Elmerich, C; de Zamaroczy, M; Arsene, F; Pereg, Lily ; Paquelin, A; Kaminski, A24-Jul-2013
6Nov-2018Pleistocene divergence of two disjunct conifers in the eastern Australian temperate zoneWorth, James R P; Sakaguchi, Shota; Harrison, Peter A; Bruniche-Olsen, Anna; Janes, Jasmine K ; Crisp, Michael D; Bowman, David M J S14-Jun-2019
72006Fire season and intensity: implications for plant conservationClarke, Peter John ; Knox, Kirsten J; Williams, Paul23-Feb-2010
82008The Australian desert shrub Eremophila longifolia (R. Br.) F. Muell. (Schrophulariaceae), as a potential source of karahanaenone and other terpenoidsSmith, Joshua; Tucker, David; Watson, Kenneth ; Jones, Graham L 6-Aug-2014
92002Maintenance of gynodioecy in 'Wurmbea biglandulosa' (Colchicaceae): gender differences in seed production and progeny successRamsey, Michael William; Vaughton, Glenda Vera 18-Dec-2009
102002Habitat insularity and fire response traits: evidence from a sclerophyll archipelagoClarke, PJ 6-May-2008

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