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12003Distribution and density of the root system of macadamia on krasnozem soil and some effects of legume groundcovers on fibrous root densityFirth, D J; Whalley, Ralph D ; Johns, GG27-Oct-2009
22016Type 1 Metallothionein (ZjMT) Is Responsible for Heavy Metal Tolerance in 'Ziziphus jujuba'Li, Lan-Song; Meng, Yu-Ping; Cao, Qiu-Feng; Yang, Yong-Zhen; Wang, Fan; Jia, Hu-Sheng; Wu, Shubiao ; Liu, Xu-Guang11-Jul-2016
32014Toxicity of hydrolysis volatile products of 'Brassica' plants to 'Sclerotinia sclerotiorum', in vitroRahmanpour, Siamak; Backhouse, David ; Nonhebel, Heather 23-Mar-2015
42016Gene expression and functional analyses in brassinosteroid-mediated stress toleranceDivi, Uday K; Rahman, Tawhidur; Krishna, Priti 10-Aug-2016
52014Isolation and characterization of a Δ¹-pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthetase (NtP5CS) from 'Nitraria tangutorum' Bobr. and functional comparison with its 'Arabidopsis' homologueZheng, Lingling; Dang, Zhenghua; Li, Haoyu; Zhang, Huirong; Wu, Shubiao ; Wang, Yingchun10-Feb-2014
62012Effects of 'Pythium irregulare' and Root Pruning on Water-Use Efficiency of Hydroponically Grown Wheat under PEG-Induced DroughtAldahadha, Abdallah Mohammad Ali; Warwick, Nigel W ; Backhouse, David 4-Sep-2012
72016Overexpression of the brassinosteroid biosynthetic gene 'DWF4' in 'Brassica napus' simultaneously increases seed yield and stress toleranceSahni, Sangita; Prasad, Bishun D; Liu, Qing; Grbic, Vojislava; Sharpe, Andrew; Singh, Surinder P; Krishna, Priti 10-Aug-2016
82014Identification of Salt-Stress-Induced Genes from the RNA-Seq Data of 'Reaumuria trigyna' Using Differential Disply Reverse Transcription PCRDang, Zhen-hua; Qi, Qi; Zhang, Hui-rong; Li, Hao-yu; Wu, Shu-Biao ; Wang, Ying-chun21-Jan-2015
92015Metabolite profiling and expression analysis of flavonoid, vitamin C and tocopherol biosynthesis genes in the antioxidant-rich sea buckthorn ('Hippophae rhamnoides' L.)Fatima, Tahira; Kesari, Vigya; Watt, Ian; Wishart, David; Todd, James F; Schroeder, William R; Paliyath, Gopinadhan; Krishna, Priti 9-Aug-2016
102003Legume groundcovers have mixed effects on growth and yield of 'Macadamia integrifolia'Firth, DJ; Whalley, Ralph D ; Johns, GG2-Nov-2009