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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12008Mycelial compatibility reactions of Australian 'Fusarium graminearum' and 'F. pseudograminearum' isolates compared with AFLP groupingsAkinsanmi, O A; Backhouse, David ; Simpfendorfer, S; Chakraborty, S8-Dec-2009
27-Mar-2018Effect of Environmental and Host Factors on Biological Control of Fusarium Wilt by Non-Pathogenic Fusarium oxysporum in TomatoAli, Hayder; Backhouse, David ; Pereg, Lily 4-Oct-2019
312-Apr-2018Using Neem to Control Charcoal Rot of ChickpeaSalman, Ali; Backhouse, David ; Yunusa, Isa 2-Aug-2019
42007Flower colour is associated with susceptibility to disease in the legume 'Swainsona formosa'Panjehkeh, Naser; Backhouse, David ; Taji, Acram16-Dec-2009
52013Transcriptomic profiling of the salt-stress response in the wild recretohalophyte 'Reaumuria trigyna'Dang, Zhen-hua; Zheng, Lin-lin; Wang, Jia; Gao, Zhe; Wu, Shubiao ; Qi, Zhi; Wang, Ying-chun24-Jul-2013
62019Water relations and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) exposed to interactions of drought and fungal root diseases (Rhizoctonia and Pythium)Aldahadha, Abdallah M; Warwick, Nigel W M ; Backhouse, David 14-Jun-2019
72004Survey of 'Fusarium' species associated with crown rot of wheat and barley in eastern AustraliaBackhouse, D ; Abubakar, AA; Burgess, LW; Dennis, JI; Hollaway, GJ; Wildermuth, GB; Wallwork, H; Henry, FJ6-May-2008
82003Optimizing conditions for growth and sporulation of 'Pyrenophora semeniperda'Campbell, Mathew Alexander; Medd, RW; Brown, J B30-Nov-2012
92010Role of Proanthocyanidins in Resistance of the Legume 'Swainsona formosa' to 'Phytophthora cinnamomi'Panjehkeh, Naser; Backhouse, David ; Taji, Acram13-May-2010
102014Global distribution of 'Fusarium graminearum', 'F. asiaticum' and 'F. boothii' from wheat in relation to climateBackhouse, David 2-Apr-2014