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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12001Floral morphology and embryology of two Australian species of 'Citrus' (Rutaceae)Clarke, Kerri L ; Prakash, Nallamilli5-Nov-2015
22003Floral Sturcture, Breeding System and Fruit-set in the Threatened Sub-shrub Tetratheca juncea Smith (Tremandraceae)Gross, Caroline Lucie ; Bartier, F V; Mulligan, D R4-Dec-2009
32006Fire season and intensity affect shrub recruitment in temperate sclerophyllous woodlandsKnox, Kirsten Janet ; Clarke, Peter John 25-Nov-2009
42011Triploidy causes sexual infertility in 'Cyrtanthus breviflorus' (Amaryllidaceae)Ramsey, Mike W; Vaughton, Glenda V ; Ascough, Glendon D; Johnson, Steven D20-Oct-2011
52012Comparing reproductive success in the rare sedge 'Gahnia insignis' and the common 'Gahnia clarkei' in north-east New South WalesWheeler, Margaret Anne7-Apr-2014
62004Effects of experimental canopy gaps on mangrove recruitment: lack of habitat partitioning may explain stand dominanceClarke, PJ 2-May-2008
72016Overexpression of the brassinosteroid biosynthetic gene 'DWF4' in 'Brassica napus' simultaneously increases seed yield and stress toleranceSahni, Sangita; Prasad, Bishun D; Liu, Qing; Grbic, Vojislava; Sharpe, Andrew; Singh, Surinder P; Krishna, Priti 10-Aug-2016
82016Multiple reproductive barriers separate recently diverged sunflower ecotypesOstevik, Katherine L; Andrew, Rose ; Otto, Sarah P; Rieseberg, Loren H13-Oct-2016
91995Pollen fertility status in some flowering plant species of FijiTyagi, Anand P; Dass, Crispin R; Taylor, Subhashni ; Racule, Timaima; Lakhan, Sharonika22-Jan-2018
102003Drought and aquatic community resilience: the role of eggs and seeds in sediments of temporary wetlandsBrock, Margaret Anne; Nielson, DL; Shiel, RJ; Green, JD; Langley, JD23-Aug-2012