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12004The effect of metabolic fuel availability on thermoregulation and torpor in a marsupial hibernatorWestman, Wendy; Geiser, Fritz 16-Nov-2009
22004Statistical analysis of sheep CAT scan images using a Bayesian mixture modelAlston, C L; Mengersen, K L; Thompson, John Mitchell ; Littlefield, Patrick John ; Perry, Diana; Ball, A30-Oct-2009
32004The role of torpor in the life of Australian arid zone mammalsGeiser, Fritz 30-Oct-2009
42002Was basking important in the evolution of mammalian endothermy?Geiser, F ; Goodship, N; Pavey, CR21-Apr-2008
52007Thermoregulation under semi-natural conditions in speckled mousebirds: the role of communal roostingMcKechnie, Andrew E; Koertner, Gerhard ; Lovegrove, Barry G10-Nov-2009
62005Physiological and Ecological Aspects of Roost Selection by Reproductive Female Hoary Bats ('Lasiurus cinereus')Willis, Craig; Brigham, RM12-Sep-2011
72003Effects of temperature acclimation on maximum heat production, thermal tolerance, and torpor in a marsupialGeiser, Fritz ; Drury, Rebecca L; McAllan, Bronwyn Marie; Wang, D.H.16-Nov-2009
81984A thermostable zone in survivorship and metabolism of a tropical marine cercariaYoung, R E; Bundy, D A P; Taylor, Neil 9-Jan-2018
92005Thermal energetics of female big brown bats ('Eptesicus fuscus')Willis, Craig; Lane, JE; Liknes, ET; Swanson, DL; Brigham, R Mark13-Sep-2011
102007Body temperature variation of free-ranging and captive southern brown bandicoots 'Isoodon obesulus' (Marsupialia: Peramelidae)Warnecke, Lisa; Withers, Philip; Schleucher, E; Maloney, SK13-Sep-2011