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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12007Amino Acids and the MitochondriaKing, Nicola 16-Apr-2010
22015Investigations of Methods for Non-Viral Generation of Bovine Cells to Pluripotency, With a View on Potential Use in Reproductive TechnologiesGrace, Aimee Maree; Schmoelzl, Sabine ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Andronicos, Nicholas 25-Mar-2015
32010The Use of Comparative Quantitative RT-PCR to Investigate the Effect of Cysteine Incubation on GPx1 Expression in Freshly Isolated CardiomyocytesKing, Nicola 18-Jun-2010
42004Aspartate transporter activity in hypertrophic rat heart and ischaemia-reperfusion injuryKing, Nicola ; Lin, Hua; McGivan, John; Suleiman, M-Saadeh3-Feb-2010
52014Claudin-8 expression in Sertoli cells and putative spermatogonial stem cells in the bovine testisMcMillan, Mary ; Andronicos, Nicholas ; Davey, Rhonda ; Stockwell, Sally; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Schmoelzl, Sabine 30-Jun-2014
62009Testicular Germ Cell Depletion and Transplantation in Cattle and SheepOlejnik, Jeanette Alison; Hill, Jon; Hinch, Geoffrey 16-Jan-2012
72010Selective transport of IgE into ovine mammary secretionsHine, BC; Hunt, PW; Beasley, AM; Windon, RG; Glover, Stephen ; Colditz, Ian 15-Oct-2010
82004A new method of quantifying glutathione levels in freshly isolated single superfused rat cardiomyocytesKing, Nicola ; Korolchuk, Svitlana; McGivan, John; Suleiman, M - Saadeh18-Dec-2009
92015Identification of a novel microRNA important for melanogenesis in alpaca ('Vicugna pacos')Yang, S; Fan, R; Dong, C; Shi, Z; Ji, K; Zhang, J; Wang, H; Herrid, Muren ; Zhang, Q; Yao, J; Smith, G W16-Jul-2015
102013Global proteomic profiling of the membrane compartment of bovine testis cell populationsColgrave, Michelle L; Stockwell, Sally; Grace, Aimee ; McMillan, Mary ; Davey, Rhonda ; Lehnert, Sigrid; Schmoelzl, Sabine 24-Mar-2014