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12006The Aspergillus nidulans xprG (phoG) gene encodes a putative transcriptional activator involved in the response to nutrient limitationKatz, ME ; Gray, K; Cheetham, BF 5-May-2008
22009The 'intD' mobile genetic element from 'Dichelobacter nodosus', the causative agent of ovine footrot, is associated with the benign phenotypeTanjung, Livia R; Whittle, Gabrielle; Shaw, Bruce E; Bloomfield, Garry A; Katz, Margaret E ; Cheetham, Brian F 13-Apr-2010
32010Deletion of the C-terminus of polynucleotide phosphorylase increases twitching motility, a virulence characteristic of the anaerobic bacterial pathogen 'Dichelobacter nodosus'Athiappan Palanisamy, Suresh K; Fletcher, Carrie; Tanjung, Livia; Katz, Margaret E ; Cheetham, Brian F 13-Apr-2010
42010GlucoseKatz, Margaret E ; Kelly, Joan M12-May-2010
52001Analysis of the pobA and pobR genes controlling expression of p-hydroxybenzoate hydroxylase in 'Azotobacter chroococcum'Quinn, Jennifer A; McKay, David B; Entsch, Barrie4-Oct-2013
62009Mutations in Genes Encoding Sorting Nexins Alter Production of Intracellular and Extracellular Proteases in 'Aspergillus nidulans'Katz, Margaret E ; Evans, Cara J; Heagney, Emma E; vanKuyk, Patricia A; Kelly, Joan M; Cheetham, Brian F 13-Apr-2010
72008The interaction of induction, repression and starvation in the regulation of extracellular proteases in 'Aspergillus nidulans': evidence for a role for CreA in the response to carbon starvationKatz, Margaret Ethel ; Bernardo, Stella Marie; Cheetham, Brian Frederick 27-Nov-2009
82016Role of HxkC, a mitochondrial hexokinase-like protein, in fungal programmed cell deathKatz, Margaret E ; Braunberger, Katharyn S; Kelly, Joan M22-Feb-2017
92010'Candida albicans PEP12' Is Required for Biofilm Integrity and In Vivo VirulenceAthiappan Palanisamy, Suresh Kumar ; Ramirez, Melissa A; Lorenz, Michael; Lee, Samuel A29-Nov-2011
102010FlcA regulation of metabolism and stress response in 'Azospirillum brasilense' Sp7Hou, Xingsheng; Pereg, Lily ; Watson, Kenneth 16-Jan-2012