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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12012Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Australian Adults: Prevalence, Persistence, Conduct Problems and DisadvantageEbejer, Jane ; Medland, Sarah; Van Der Werf, Julius H ; Gondro, Cedric ; Henders, Anjali K; Lynskey, Michael; Martin, Nicholas G; Duffy, David L28-Mar-2013
22011Genome analysis to identify QTL and genes affecting carcass traits in Hanwoo ('Korean cattle')Lee, Seung Hwan; Thompson, John ; Gibson, John ; Werf, Julius Van Der ; Gondro, Cedric 17-Jan-2012
32016Wide distribution and altitude correlation of an archaic high-altitude-adaptive EPAS1 haplotype in the HimalayasHackinger, Sophie; Kraaijenbrink, Thirsa; Xue, Yali; Mezzavilla, Massimo; Asan,; van Driem, George; Jobling, Mark A; de Knijff, Peter; Tyler-Smith, Chris; Ayub, Qasim21-Apr-2017
42012A comment on the Hill-Turney exchange: from normative antagonism to interdisciplinary collaborationEvison, Martin; Graham, Eleanor; Haimes, Erica; Leach Scully, Jackie; Ludwig, Anika; Maguire, Chris; Toom, Victor; Williams, Robin28-Apr-2017
52012Accuracy of genotype imputation in sheep breedsHayes, B J; Bowman, P J; Daetwyler, H D; Kijas, J W; Van Der Werf, Julius H 7-May-2012
62016DNA Methods to Identify Missing PersonsIwamura, Edna Sadayo Miazato; Guimaraes, Marco Aurelio; Evison, Martin18-May-2017
72015Forensic archaeology and anthropology in BrazilGuimaraes, Marco Aurelio; Francisco, Raffaela Arrabaca; de Abreu e Souza, Rafael; Evison, Martin18-May-2017
82014A fast method for evaluating opposing homozygosity in large SNP data setsFerdosi, Mohammad ; Boerner, Vinzent 1-Jun-2017
92014Improving REML estimates of genetic parameters through penalties on correlation matricesMeyer, Karin 21-May-2015
102015The Genetic Architecture of Complex Traits in SheepAl-Mamun, Hawlader Abdullah; Kwan, Paul ; Gondro, Cedric ; Clark, Sam 16-Nov-2015

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