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12011Proteomic assessment of host-associated microevolution in the fungus 'Thielaviopsis basicola'Coumans-Moens, Joelle ; Harvey, John; Backhouse, David ; Plojak, A; Raftery, M J; Nehl, David; Katz, Margaret E ; Pereg, Lily 27-Jul-2011
22004Mobile Gene Cassettes: A fundamental resource for bacterial evolutionMichael, CA; Gillings, MR; Holmes, AJ; Hughes, L; Andrew, Nigel R ; Holley, MP; Stokes, HW9-May-2008
32008Intron Framing Exonic Nucleotides: A Compromise Between Protein Coding and Splicing ConstraintsRuvinsky, Anatoly; Ward, William Edward17-Dec-2009
42007Intron Phase Patterns in Genes: Preservation and Evolutionary ChangesRuvinsky, Anatoly; Watson, Charles Richard17-Dec-2009
52006A Gradient in the Distribution of Introns in Eukaryotic GenesRuvinsky, A; Ward, WE13-May-2008
62016Strong and stable geographic differentiation of swamp buffalo maternal and paternal lineages indicates domestication in the China/Indochina border regionZhang, Yi; Lu, Yongfang; Cuong, Vu Chi; Pham, Lan Doan; Bouahom, Bounthong; Yang, Bingzhuang; Liang, Xianwei; Cai, Zhihua; Vankan, Dianne; Manatchaiworakul, Wallaya; Kowlim, Nonglid; Duangchantrasiri, Somphot; Yindee, Marnoch; Wajjwalku, Worawidh; Colenbrander, Ben; Zhang, Yuan; Beerli, Peter; Lenstra, Johannes A; Barker, J Stuart F; Li, Kuan-Yi; Kuo, Hsiao-Yun; Ju, Yu-Ten; Ye, Shaohui; Faruque, Md Omar; Li, Qiang; Wang, Yachun13-Feb-2017
72016The Role of Population Genetic Structure in Understanding and Managing Pine BeetlesJanes, Jasmine ; Batista, P D17-May-2018
82007Molecular Population Genetics of the α-Esterase5 Gene Locus in Original and Colonized Populations of 'Drosophila buzzatii' and Its Sibling 'Drosophila koepferae'Piccinali, R V; Mascord, Lisa; Barker, J Stuart F; Oakeshott, J G; Hasson, E3-Mar-2010
92010Does Drive Toward Canonic Exonic Splicing Sites Exist in Mammals?Babenko, Vladimir; Ward, William Edward; Ruvinsky, Anatoly5-May-2011
102013The Swamp Buffalo: Domestication, Dispersal, and Genetic DifferentiationZhang, Yi; Barker, J Stuart F; Vankan, Dianne; Zhang, Yuandan 27-Feb-2017