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12011Historical biogeographical patterns in continental Australia: congruence among areas of endemism of two major clades of eucalyptsLadiges, Pauline; Parra-O, Carlos; Gibbs, Adele; Udovicic, Frank; Nelson, Gareth; Bayly, Michael26-Jul-2011
22012Decomposition and nitrogen transformation rates in a temperate grassland vary among co-occurring plant speciesOsanai, Yui ; Flittner, Anna; Janes, Jasmine ; Theobald, Phil; Pendall, Elise; Newton, Paul C D; Hovenden, Mark J11-Jan-2018
32014On the adaptive value of cytoplasmic genomes in plantsBock, Dan G; Andrew, Rose ; Rieseberg, Loren H31-Oct-2016
42012Morphological and molecular data reveal three rather than one species of 'Sicyos' (Cucurbitaceae) in Australia, New Zealand and Islands of the South West PacificTelford, Ian R H ; Sebastian, Patrizia; de Lange, Peter J; Bruhl, Jeremy J ; Renner, Susanne S17-Sep-2012
52012Morphological evaluation of the 'Drosera peltata' complex (Droseraceae)Gibson, Robert; Conn, Barry J; Bruhl, Jeremy J 17-Sep-2012
62006'Pimelea cremnophila' (Thymelaeaceae), a new species from the New England Tablelands escarpment of northern New South WalesCopeland, Lachlan; Telford, Ian Robert H 22-Sep-2011
72006'Philotheca papillata' (Rutaceae), a new endangered species from north-eastern New South WalesTelford, Ian Robert H ; Copeland, Lachlan22-Sep-2011
82006Grass not fungus: 'Walwhalleya nom. nov.' (Poaceae, Paniceae)Bruhl, Jeremy James ; Wilson, Peter G; Wills, Karen30-Oct-2009
92006Systematic studies of 'Lepidosperma' (Cyperaceae: Schoeneae) with particular reference to 'L. laterale'Hodgon, John; Bruhl, Jeremy James ; Wilson, Karen L30-Oct-2009
102003Relationships among taxa of 'Elymus' (Poaceae: Triticeae) in Australia: reproductive biologyMurphy, Michelle A.29-Oct-2009