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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12001Floral morphology and embryology of two Australian species of 'Citrus' (Rutaceae)Clarke, Kerri L ; Prakash, Nallamilli5-Nov-2015
22012Genome-Wide Scan for Evidence of Positive Selection in Hanwoo CattleNeto, Laercio R P; Lee, Seung Hwan; Gondro, Cedric 26-Mar-2013
32003The Pollination of Trimenia moorei (Trimeniaceae): Florals Volatiles, Insect/Wind Pollen Vectors and Stigmatic Self-incompatability in a Basal AngiospermBernhardt, P; Sage, T; Weston, P; Azuma, H; Lam, M; Thien, LB; Bruhl, JJ 2-May-2008
42007Depletion of regenerative bud resources during cyclic drought: What are the implications for fire management?Croft, Peter; Hunter, John T ; Reid, Nicholas 24-Nov-2009
52012Comparing reproductive success in the rare sedge 'Gahnia insignis' and the common 'Gahnia clarkei' in north-east New South WalesWheeler, Margaret Anne7-Apr-2014
62008Winter diet of Southern Boobooks 'Ninox novaeseelandiae' in Canberra, 1997-2005Trost, Susan; Olsen, Jerry; Rose, A B; Debus, Stephen J S 24-Nov-2009
72008Further Dietary Items of the Eastern Barn Owl 'Tyto javanica' in Diamantina National Park, QueenslandDebus, Stephen J S ; Ley, Andrew John; Rose, A B25-Nov-2009
82014Using a rainforest-flame forest mosaic to test the hypothesis that leaf and litter fuel flammability is under natural selectionClarke, Peter J; Prior, Lynda D; French, Ben J; Vincent, Ben ; Knox, Kirsten J E; Bowman, David M J S6-Nov-2017
92010Genetics, intensity-dependence, and host manipulation in the trematode 'Curtuteria australis': following the strategies of others?Leung, Tommy ; Keeney, Devon; Poulin, Robert22-Jun-2011
102017Cancer: A disease at the crossroads of trade-offsJacqueline, Camille; Biro, Peter A; Beckmann, Christa ; Moller, Anders Pape; Renaud, Francois; Sorci, Gabriele; Tasiemski, Aurelie; Ujvari, Beata; Thomas, Frederic10-Oct-2017