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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12017Seed provenance for changing climates: early growth traits of nonlocal seed are better adapted to future climatic scenarios, but not to current field conditionsGross, Caroline L ; Fatemi, Mohammad ; Simpson, Ian 1-Aug-2017
22006Schnellere Evolution in den TropenRohde, Klaus15-May-2009
32006Appendix 2 - Plankton: a paradox resolvedRohde, Klaus24-Jan-2012
42006Appendix 1 - Simulations of geographical trends with an agent based ecological modelRohde, Klaus24-Jan-2012
52005Nonequilibrium EcologyRohde, Klaus12-Jan-2012
62010Characterization of the 'shsp' genes in 'Drosophila buzzatii' and association between the frequency of Valine mutations in 'hsp23' and climatic variables along a longitudinal gradient in AustraliaFrydenberg, J; Barker, James Stuart F; Loeschcke, V1-Jun-2011
72015Genomic variation across landscapes: insights and applicationsBragg, Jason G; Supple, Megan A; Andrew, Rose ; Borevitz, Justin O19-Aug-2016
82016High atmospheric temperatures and 'ambient incubation' drive embryonic development and lead to earlier hatching in a passerine birdGriffith, Simon C; Mainwaring, Mark C; Sorato, Enrico; Beckmann, Christa 17-Oct-2017
92013Draft genome of the mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins, a major forest pestKeeling, Christopher I; Yuen, Macaire M S; Henderson, Hannah; Janes, Jasmine ; Zhao, Yongjun; Pandoh, Pawan; Moore, Richard; Sperling, Felix A H; Huber, Dezene P W; Birol, Inanc; Jones, Steven J M; Bohlmann, Joerg; Liao, Nancy Y; Docking, T Roderick; Chan, Simon K; Taylor, Greg A; Palmquist, Diana L; Jackman, Shaun D; Nguyen, Anh; Li, Maria11-Jan-2018