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12011Historical biogeographical patterns in continental Australia: congruence among areas of endemism of two major clades of eucalyptsLadiges, Pauline; Parra-O, Carlos; Gibbs, Adele; Udovicic, Frank; Nelson, Gareth; Bayly, Michael26-Jul-2011
22017The Phylogeny and Biogeography of 'Phyla nodiflora' (Verbenaceae) Reveals Native and Invasive Lineages throughout the WorldGross, Caroline L ; Fatemi, Mohammad; Julien, Mic; McPherson, Hannah; Van Klinken, Rieks23-Nov-2017
32017The K=2 conundrumJanes, Jasmine ; Miller, Joshua M; Dupuis, Julian R; Malenfant, Rene M; Gorrell, Jamieson C; Cullingham, Catherine I; Andrew, Rose 3-Jan-2018
42008Development and characterization of microsatellite markers for lippia ('Phyla canescens': Verbenaceae)Fatemi, M; Gross, Caroline L 23-Nov-2017
52006New books composed amid the dust of red carpets: Xiangxi Yuyin's 'Notes of Flower Appreciation from the Phoenix City' and the late Qing 'Flower Guides'Wu, C 16-Dec-2008
62008Abundance-body mass relationships among insects along a latitudinal gradientAndrew, Nigel R ; Hughes, Lesley4-Nov-2009
72007Competitive abilities and divergence of 'Microlaena stipoides' populations with associated perennial grass species in New South Wales, AustraliaMagcale-Macandog, Damasa B; Whalley, Ralph D 31-Aug-2011
82007Avifauna of Remnant Bushland in South-East Queensland III: The Sunshine Coast and HinterlandDebus, Stephen JS 11-Oct-2011
92005Selecting thresholds of occurrence in the prediction of species distributionsLiu, Canran; Berry, PM; Dawson, TP; Pearson, RG23-Sep-2011
102015A Conceptual Model for Anostracan BiogeographyRogers, David Christopher; Thoms, Martin ; Reid, Michael 30-Mar-2015