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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013The Balance of Nature and Human ImpactRohde, Klaus21-Nov-2013
22011The marine limpet 'Notoacmea scapha' acts as a transmission sink for intertidal cercariae in Otago Harbour, New ZealandKoppel, Emily M; Leung, Tommy ; Poulin, Robert2-Aug-2011
32005Cellular automata and ecologyRohde, Klaus15-Sep-2011
42015Assessing the reproducibility of discriminant function analysesAndrew, Rose ; Albert, Arianne YK; Renaut, Sebastien; Rennison, Diana J; Bock, Dan G; Vines, Tim13-Oct-2016
52015Resolving the value of the dingo in ecological restorationNewsome, Thomas M; Ballard, Guy ; Nimmo, Dale G; Nelson, Michael Paul; Read, John L; Ripple, William J; Ritchie, Euan G; Shores, Carolyn R; Wallach, Arian D; Wirsing, Aaron J; Dickman, Christopher R; Crowther, Mathew S; Dellinger, Justin A; Fleming, Peter ; Glen, Alistair S; Greenville, Aaron C; Johnson, Chris N; Letnic, Mike; Moseby, Katherine E6-Nov-2017
62001Spatial scaling laws may not apply to most animal speciesRohde, Klaus13-Aug-2012
72013"Which camera trap type and how many do I need?" A review of camera features and study designs for a range of wildlife research applicationsRovero, Francesco; Zimmermann, Fridolin; Berzi, Duccio; Meek, Paul 3-Nov-2017
82011Body size, trophic level, and the use of fish as transmission routes by parasitesPoulin, Robert; Leung, Tommy 29-Jul-2011
92003Self-compatibility and floral biology in subdioecious 'Wurmbea dioica' (Colchicaceae)Vaughton, Glenda Vera ; Ramsey, Michael William28-Oct-2009
102003Delayed selfing and low levels of inbreeding depression in 'Hibiscus trionum' (Malvaceae)Ramsey, Michael William; Seed, Leahwyn; Vaughton, Glenda Vera 28-Oct-2009