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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12010The Ecology of Two Vulnerable Shorebirds ('Haematopus f. fuliginosus' and 'H. longirostris') in Sub-tropical Northern NSW, Australia: Implications for Conservation and ManagementHarrison, Annette Elizabeth; Ford, Hugh; Cairns, Stuart 18-Jan-2012
22006Progressive coral tissue mortality following predation by a corallivorous nudibranch ('Phestilla' sp.)Dalton, Steve James ; Godwin, Scott Edward6-Feb-2012
32005Parasitic marine fishesWoodland, David J 6-Feb-2012
42010The effects of river regulation and response of invertebrates to a pulse flow release in the upper Hunter Catchment, NSWMaxwell, Sally Elizabeth; Boulton, Andrew ; Growns, Ivor ; Ryder, Darren 16-Jan-2012
52005Feeding behaviour of the Osprey 'Pandion haliaetus' on the north coast of New South WalesClancy, Gregory P18-Dec-2009
62006The breeding biology of the Osprey 'Pandion haliaetus' on the north coast of New South WalesClancy, Gregory P14-Dec-2009
72008Mortality of discards from southeastern Australian beach seines and gillnetsBroadhurst, MK; Millar, RB; Brand, CP; Uhlmann, Sven Sebastian19-Nov-2010
82002Artificial substrata in a shallow sublittoral habitat: Do they adequately represent natural habitats or the local species pool?Smith, SD; Rule, MJ 12-May-2008
92010Stressors of Eastern Australian Subtropical Corals: Australian Subtropical White Syndrome and Coral BleachingDalton, Steven ; Pereg, Lily ; Smith, Stephen D13-Dec-2010
102008Reducing discard mortality in an estuarine trawl fisheryBroadhurst, Matt K; Uhlmann, Sven Sebastian; Millar, RB19-Nov-2010

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