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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12011Variation in sea temperature and the East Australian Current in the Solitary Islands region between 2001-2008Malcolm, Hamish; Davies, Peter L; Jordan, Alan; Smith, Stephen D26-Jul-2011
22012The Role of Coral-Associated Bacterial Communities in Australian Subtropical White Syndrome of 'Turbinaria mesenterina'Godwin, Scott E; Bent, Elizabeth; Borneman, James; Pereg, Lily 7-Sep-2012
32005Subtidal assemblages associated with a geotextile reef in south-east Queensland, AustraliaEdwards, Rhys Anthony; Smith, Stephen D1-May-2009
42005Assisted passage or passive drift: A comparison of alternative transport mechanisms for non-indigenous coastal species into the Southern OceanLewis, PN; Riddle, MJ; Smith, Stephen D1-May-2009
52005The diet of the Osprey ('Pandion haliaetus') on the north coast of New South WalesClancy, Gregory P2-Nov-2009
62002In situ nitrogen fixation associated with seagrasses in the Gulf of Elat (Red Sea)Pereg, Lily ; Sar, N; Lipkin, Y2-May-2008
72004Influence of an Antarctic waste dump on recruitment to nearshore marine soft-sediment assemblagesStark, Jonathan S; Riddle, Martin J; Smith, Stephen D8-Dec-2009
82003Six new species of Proseriata (Plathelminthes) from eastern AustraliaMiller, Wendy; Faubel, A10-Jan-2013
92006Benthic macrofaunal communities in intermittent estuaries during a drought: Comparisons with permanently open estuariesHastie, Beth Frances; Smith, Stephen D8-Dec-2009
102012Improved fish and crustacean passage in tidal creeks following floodgate remediationBoys, Craig; Kroon, Frederieke J; Glasby, Tim M; Wilkinson, Kevin Edward31-Mar-2014