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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013Reach-scale biogeochemistry within agricultural streams: interactions with riparian vegetation, channel geomorphology and hydrologyStewart, Morag ; Ryder, Darren ; Growns, Ivor ; Frazier, Paul 1-Oct-2013
22009Factors affecting diatom distribution in floodplain lakes of the southeast Murray Basin, Australia and implications for palaeolimnological studiesReid, Michael ; Ogden, Ralph29-Jun-2011
32011Response by fish assemblages to an environmental flow release in a temperate coastal Australian river: a paired catchment analysisRolls, Robert Jeremy; Boulton, Andrew J ; Growns, Ivor ; Maxwell, Sally Elizabeth 19-Jul-2013
42010Ecology and management of subsurface groundwater dependent ecosystems in Australia: a reviewTomlinson, Moya ; Boulton, Andrew 2-May-2011
52005Making integrative, cross-disciplinary research happen: Initial lessons from the Upper Hunter River Rehabilitation InitiativeBrierley, G; Miller, C; Brooks, A; Fryirs, K; Boulton, Andrew J ; Ryder, Darren ; Leishman, M; Keating, D; Lander, J13-Jan-2015
62005Assessing change in riverine organic matter dynamics in the Hunter River, NSW, over the last 200 years: Implications for stream restorationWolfenden, Benjamin John; Mika, Sarah Jessie ; Boulton, Andrew J ; Ryder, Darren 13-Jan-2015
72007Algal biofilms: developing biological indicators to assess river restorationRyder, Darren ; Mascarenhas, Emilie 21-Dec-2009
82010The distribution of the Black-necked Stork 'Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus australis' in New South Wales since 1790Clancy, Greg P24-May-2011
92010The habitat distribution and population size of the Black-necked Stork 'Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus australis' in New South WalesClancy, Greg P; Ardren, Mick24-May-2011
102006The response of hyporheic invertebrate communities to a large flood in the Hunter River, New South WalesHancock, Peter J 1-May-2009

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