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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12000Strengthening the Dimerisation Interface of Lac Repressor Increases its Thermostability by 40 deg. CPereg, Lily ; Leven, Oliver; Muller-Hill, Benno19-Dec-2013
22007Stereoselective synthesis, natural occurrence and CB₂ receptor binding affinities of alkylamides from herbal medicines such as 'Echinacea' sp.Matovic, N; Matthias, A; Gertsch, J; Raduner, S; Bone, Kerry; Lehmann, RP; DeVoss, JJ6-May-2009
32003Essential Oil of Eryngium L. Species from New South Wales (Australia)Brophy, JJ; Goldsack, RJ; Copeland, Lachlan; Palá-Paúl, J14-May-2009
41992Plant Tissue Culture PracticeTaji, Acram; Dodd, William A; Williams, Richard R25-Aug-2016
52012Biochemical and immunological roles of heat shock proteins in human cancerShipp, Christopher; Jones, Graham ; Watson, Kenneth 11-Oct-2012
62013Hsps are up-regulated in melanoma tissue and correlate with patient clinical parametersShipp, Chris; Weide, Benjamin; Derhovanessian, Evelyna; Pawelec, Graham26-Feb-2013
71997Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis of actin-binding proteins isolated by affinity chromatography from human skeletal muscleCoumans-Moens, Joelle ; Humphery-Smith, Ian; dos Remedios, Cristobal G30-Apr-2018
81997Variations in the Relative mRNA Levels of Actins and Myosin Heavy Chains do not Produce Corresponding Differences in their Proteins in the Adult Human HeartCoumans-Moens, Joelle ; Yeoh, Thomas; Seeto, Reginald K; Keogh, Anne; Brennan, Karen; Gunning, Peter; Hardeman, Edna; dos Remedios, Cristobal G30-Apr-2018
92006Essential oil composition of two variants of 'Prostanthera lasianthos' Labill. from AustraliaPala-Paul, J; Copeland, Lachlan; Brophy, JJ; Goldsack, RJ9-Jan-2012
102003Essential oil composition of the seasonal heterophyllous leaves of 'Eryngium vesiculosum' from AustraliaCopeland, Lachlan; Pala-Paul, J; Brophy, JJ; Goldsack, RJ; Perez-Alonso, J; Velasco-Negueruela, A28-Oct-2009