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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009Effects of Presynaptic Mutations on a Postsynaptic Cacna1s Calcium Channel Colocalized with mGluR6 at Mouse Photoreceptor Ribbon SynapsesSpecht, Dana; Wu, Shubiao ; Turner, Paul; Dearden, Peter; Koentgen, Frank; Wolfrum, Uwe; Maw, Marion; Brandstatter, Johann; tom Dieck, Susanne9-Mar-2010
21998A Transcriptional Regulator of the LuxR-UhpA Family, FlcA, Controls Flocculation and Wheat Root Surface Colonization by 'Azospirillum brasilense' Sp7Pereg, Lily ; Paquelin, Annick; Gounon, Pierre; Kennedy, Ivan R; Elmerich, Claudine24-Jul-2013