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12002Enhancement of glutathione-dependent haemin degradation by ascorbic acidZou, C; Agar, NS; Jones, GL 1-May-2008
22007Amino Acids and the MitochondriaKing, Nicola 16-Apr-2010
32014Profilin-1 Overexpression in MDA-MB-231 Breast Cancer Cells Is Associated with Alterations in Proteomics Biomarkers of Cell Proliferation, Survival, and Motility as Revealed by Global Proteomics AnalysesCoumans-Moens, Joelle ; Gau, David; Poljak, Anne; Wasinger, Valerie; Roy, Partha; Moens, Pierre 28-Jan-2015
42003Intestinal function and body growth of broiler chickens on diets based on maize dried at different temperature and supplemented with a microbial enzymeIji, Paul ; Khumalo, Kwazi; Slippers, Stephen; Gous, Robert M.6-Nov-2009
52002Chlorodinitrobenzene-mediated damage in the human erythrocyte membrane leads to haemolysisZou, C; Agar, N; Jones, GL 21-Jul-2008
62006High activity antioxidant enzymes protect flying-fox haemoglobin against damage: an evolutionary adaptation for flight?Reinke, N; O'Brien, GM18-Jul-2008
72006Expression and activity of the glutamate transporter EAAT2 in cardiac hypertrophy: implications for ischaemia reperfusion injuryKing, Nicola ; Lin, Hua; McGivan, John D; Suleiman, M - Saadeh1-Feb-2010
82007Demonstration of functional dipeptide transport with expression of PEPT2 in guinea pig cardiomyocytesLin, Hua; King, Nicola 3-Feb-2010
92012'In situ' high throughput method for H2S detection during micro-scale wine fermentationWinter, Gal ; Curtin, Chris18-Apr-2017
102003Glutamate loading protects freshly isolated and perfused adult cardiomyocytes against intracellular ROS generationKing, Nicola ; McGivan, John D; Griffiths, Elinor J; Halestrap, Andrew P; Suleiman, M-Saadeh16-Mar-2010