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12009Marxan with Zones: Software for optimal conservation based land- and sea-use zoningWatts, Matthew; Ball, Ian R; Stewart, Romola S; Klein, Carissa J; Wilson, Kerrie; Steinback, Charles; Lourival, Reinaldo; Kircher, Lindsay; Possingham, Hugh P31-May-2017
22009Incorporating ecological and evolutionary processes into continental-scale conservation planningKlein, Carissa; Wilson, Kerrie; Watts, Matthew; Stein, Janet; Berry, Sandra; Carwardine, Josie; Stafford Smith, Mark; Mackey, Brendan; Possingham, Hugh P29-May-2017
32004Is maximizing protection the same as minimizing loss? Efficiency and retention as alternative measures of the effectiveness of proposed reservesPressey, Robert L; Watts, Matthew; Barrett, Thomas 29-May-2017
42002Effectiveness of protected areas in north-eastern New South Wales: recent trends in six measuresPressey, R L; Whish, G L; Barrett, Thomas ; Watts, Matthew30-May-2017
52015Post-grazing and post-fire vegetation dynamics: long-term changes in mountain bogs reveal community resilienceClarke, Peter J; Keith, David A; Vincent, Ben ; Letten, Andrew D6-Nov-2017
62009Discussion paper: An industry plan for the Victorian environment?Martin, Paul ; Werren, Kip 15-Dec-2014
72014Mapping hotspots of underground water quality based on the variation of chemical concentration in Amman, Zarqa and Balqa regions, JordanAlqadi, Khaled A; Kumar, Lalit ; Khormi, Hassan 12-Mar-2014
82011Hunter & Central Coasts New South Wales - Vulnerability to climate change impacts: Report to the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, AustraliaBrunckhorst, David J ; Reeve, Ian ; Morley, Philip; Coleman, Michael ; Barclay, Elaine ; McNeill, Judith ; Stayner, Richard ; Glencross-Grant, Rex ; Thompson, Jeff; Thompson, Lyndal-Joy3-Jan-2013
92014Cold Region Bioremediation of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils: Do We Know Enough?McDonald, Roseanne; Knox, Oliver 6-May-2015
102013Carbon storage value of native vegetation on a subhumid-semi-arid floodplainSmith, Rhiannon ; Reid, Nick 11-May-2015

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