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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12011The influence of hydrology and physical habitat character on fish assemblages at different temporal scalesWebb, Munique; Reid, Michael ; Thoms, Martin 4-Jun-2012
22002Changes in Mangrove/Salt-Marsh Distribution in the Georges River Estuary, Southern Sydney, 1930-1970Haworth, Robert John 12-Feb-2010
32013Geographic Information System Planning for Future Sea Level Rise Using Evidence and Response Mechanisms from the Past: A Case Study from the Lower Hunter Valley, New South WalesBaker, Robert G ; McGowan, Sarah A17-Jul-2013
42001Inter-tidal fixed indicators of former Holocene sea levels in Australia: a summary of sites and a review of methods and modelsBaker, RG ; Haworth, RJ; Flood, PG 13-Jun-2008
52001The 'Darwin Point' of Pacific Ocean atolls and guyots: a reappraisalFlood, Peter Gerard 25-Jun-2012
62010Multi-scale environmental factors explain fish losses and refuge quality in drying waterholes of Cooper Creek, an Australian arid-zone riverArthington, A H; Olden, J D; Balcombe, S R; Thoms, Martin 23-May-2011
72006The infilling of a terminal flood plain-wetland complexCossart, Robert; Thoms, Martin ; Rayburg, Scott9-Mar-2012
82012The Several 'Discoveries' of Sydney's Georges River: Precursors to the 'Tom Thumb' ExpeditionHaworth, Robert J13-May-2013
92003Comment on 'Mid-Holocene higher sea level indicators from the south China coast'by W.W.-S. Yim and G. Huang (Mar. Geol. 182 (2002) 225-230): a regional perspectiveBaker, Robert Graham ; Davis, AM; Aitchison, JC; Flood, Peter Gerard ; Morton, BS; Haworth, Robert John20-May-2009
102006Human Responses To Coastal Change in the Asia-Pacific RegionNunn, Patrick ; Keally, Charles; King, Caroline; Wijaya, Jaya; Cruz, Renato28-Nov-2011

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