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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11-Apr-2019Abnormal Extant Xiphosurids in the Yale Peabody Museum Invertebrate Zoology CollectionBicknell, Russell ; Pates, Stephen22-Nov-2019
22015Hadrosauroid Material from the Santonian Milk River Formation of Southern Alberta, CanadaLarson, Derek W; Campione, Nicolas E ; Brown, Caleb M; Evans, David C; Ryan, Michael J2-Dec-2019
3Nov-2009An unusual hadrosaurid braincase from the Dinosaur Park Formation and the biostratigraphy of Parasaurolophus (Ornithischia: Lambeosaurinae) from southern AlbertaEvans, David C; Bavington, Rebecca; Campione, Nicolas E 27-Sep-2019
42016Cambro-Ordovician Studies VILaurie, J R; Percival, I G; Jago, James B; Paterson, John R ; Brock, G A24-Jan-2017
52016Linguliformean brachiopods from the early Templetonian (Cambrian Series 3, Stage 5) Giles Creek Dolostone, Amadeus Basin, Northern TerritorySmith, Patrick M; Brock, Glenn A; Paterson, John R 31-Jan-2017
62019Euproops danae (Belinuridae) cluster confirms deep origin of gregarious behaviour in xiphosuridsBicknell, Russell D C ; Pates, Stephen; Botton, Mark L24-Feb-2020
722-Nov-2007Computer simulation of feeding behaviour in the thylacine and dingo as a novel test for convergence and niche overlapWroe, Stephen ; Clausen, Philip; McHenry, Colin; Moreno, Karen; Cunningham, Eleanor12-May-2021
8May-2007Convergence and remarkably consistent constraint in the evolution of carnivore skull shapeWroe, Stephen ; Milne, Nicholas11-May-2021
92015Postcranial Anatomy of Edmontosaurus regalis (Hadrosauridae) from the Horseshoe Canyon Formation, Alberta, CanadaCampione, Nicolas E 2-Dec-2019
1013-Jan-2016MASSTIMATE: Body Mass Estimation Equations for VertebratesCampione, Nicolas E 29-Oct-2019

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