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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Oct-2019Xiphosurid from the Upper Permian of Tasmania confirms Palaeozoic origin of AustrolimulidaeBicknell, Russell D C 23-Oct-2019
22016A new Lower Triassic (Induan) Jerus Limestone locality in northwest Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia: Conodont fauna, depositional and tectonic settingsMetcalfe, Ian 13-May-2016
319-Nov-2019Xiphosurid from the Tournaisian (Carboniferous) of Scotland confirms deep origin of LimuloideaBicknell, Russell D C ; Pates, Stephen25-Nov-2019
43-Feb-2020Exploring abnormal Cambrian-aged trilobites in the Smithsonian collectionBicknell, Russell D C ; Pates, Stephen19-Feb-2020
52016Description of new cranial material of 'Propalorchestes' (Marsupialia: Palorchestidae) from the Middle Miocene Camfield Beds, Northern Territory, AustraliaTrusler, Peter W; Sharp, Alana10-Aug-2016
62017The Vicissicaudata revisited - Insights from a new aglaspidid arthropod with caudal appendages from the Furongian of ChinaLerosey-Aubril, Rudy ; Zhu, Xuejian; Ortega-Hernandez, Javier7-Feb-2018
72019Euproops danae (Belinuridae) cluster confirms deep origin of gregarious behaviour in xiphosuridsBicknell, Russell D C ; Pates, Stephen; Botton, Mark L24-Feb-2020
82019Recurrent biotic rebounds during the Early Triassic: biostratigraphy and temporal size variation of conodonts from the Nanpanjiang Basin, South ChinaWu, Kui; Tian, Li; Liang, Lei; Metcalfe, Ian ; Chu, Daoliang; Tong, Jinnan20-May-2020
92017Devonian and Carboniferous stratigraphy and conodont biostratigraphy of the Malay Peninsula in a regional tectonic contextMetcalfe, Ian 13-Feb-2018
102020Decoupling Functional and Morphological Convergence, the Study Case of Fossorial MammaliaSansalone, Gabriele 8-Mar-2020

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