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12004Synthesis and Structure: Property Relations of Latexes Comprising Graft Copolymers between Telechelic Polybutadiene and Dodecyl MethacrylatePham, Binh T T; Gilbert, Robert G; Fellows, Christopher 30-Apr-2010
22015Tunable Photodynamic Switching of DArE@PAF-1 for Carbon CaptureLyndon, Richelle; Konstas, Kristina; Evans, Richard A; Keddie, Daniel ; Hill, Matthew R; Ladewig, Bradley P6-Nov-2017
32012Effect of Cross-Link Density on Photoplasticity of Epoxide Networks Containing Allylic Dithioether MoietiesCook, Wayne D; Schiller, Tara; Chen, Fei; Moorhoff, Cornelis; Thang, San H; Bowman, Christopher N; Scott, Timothy F15-Oct-2013
42013In vitro biostability of poly(dimethyl siloxane/hexamethylene oxide)-based polyurethane/layered silicate nanocompositesAndriani, Yosephine; Morrow, Isabel C; Taran, Elana; Edwards, Grant A; Schiller, Tara; Osman, Azlin F; Martin, Darren J17-Oct-2013
52012Synthesis of Symmetrical, Substituted (alkane-α,ω,-diyl)(bis[3,3'-allyl dithioethers]) Monomers for Photoplastic Polymer NetworksMoorhoff, Cornelis M; Cook, Wayne D; Schiller, Tara; Braybrook, Carl; Thang, San H4-Oct-2013
62005A Method for Preparing Low-Allergen Natural Rubber LatexVivaygananthan, Kathireson; Lai, Pin-Fa; Gan, Seng-Neon; Fellows, Christopher ; Gilbert, Robert G14-May-2010
72014Curing behavior and thermal properties of TGDDM copolymerized with a new pyridine-containing diamine and with DDM or DDSMustafa, Muhammad F; Cook, Wayne D; Schiller, Tara; Siddiqi, Humaira M3-Feb-2014
82013Organization of mixed dimethyldioctadecylammonium and choline modifiers on the surface of synthetic hectoriteAndriani, Yosephine; Jack, Kevin S; Gilbert, Elliot P; Edwards, Grant A; Schiller, Tara; Strounina, Ekaterina; Osman, Azlin F; Martin, Darren J3-Feb-2014
92014A guide to the synthesis of block copolymers using reversible-addition fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerizationKeddie, Daniel 14-Feb-2014
102013Tuning the Size of Cylindrical Micelles from Poly(l-lactide)-'b'-poly(acrylic acid) Diblock Copolymers Based on Crystallization-Driven Self-AssemblySun, Liang; Petzetakis, Nikos; Pitto-Barry, Anais; Schiller, Tara; Kirby, Nigel; Keddie, Daniel ; Boyd, Ben; O'Reilly, Rachel K; Dove, Andrew P17-Feb-2014