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12012RAFT Agent Design and SynthesisKeddie, Daniel ; Moad, Graeme; Rizzardo, Ezio; Thang, San H7-Feb-2013
22012Some Recent Developments in RAFT PolymerizationMoad, Graeme; Bicciocchi, Erika; Tsanaktsidi, John; Chen, Ming; Chiefari, John; Guerrero-Sanchez, Carlos; Haeussler, Matthias; Houshyar, Shadi; Keddie, Daniel ; Rizzardo, Ezio; Thang, San H1-Feb-2013
32011Amphiphilic Silicone Architectures via Anaerobic Thiol-Ene ChemistryKeddie, Daniel ; Grande, John B; Gonzaga, Ferdinand; Brook, Michael A; Dargaville, Tim R12-Mar-2013
42012Automated Parallel Freeze-Evacuate-Thaw Degassing Method for Oxygen-Sensitive Reactions: RAFT PolymerizationGuerrero-Sanchez, Carlos; Keddie, Daniel ; Saubern, Simon; Chiefari, John7-Feb-2013
52011Switchable Reversible Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer (RAFT) Polymerization in Aqueous Solution, N,N-DimethylacrylamideKeddie, Daniel ; Guerrero-Sanchez, Carlos; Moad, Graeme; Rizzardo, Ezio; Thang, San H22-Jul-2013
62012The scope for synthesis of macro-RAFT agents by sequential insertion of single monomer unitsHoushyar, Shadi; Keddie, Daniel ; Moad, Graeme; Mulder, Roger J; Saubern, Simon; Tsanaktsidis, John7-Feb-2013
72013Quasi-block copolymer libraries on demand 'via' sequential RAFT polymerization in an automated parallel synthesizerGuerrero-Sanchez, Carlos; O'Brien, Lisa; Brackley, Colin; Keddie, Daniel ; Saubern, Simon; Chiefari, John18-Jul-2013
82013High-Throughput Method for RAFT Kinetic Investigations and Estimation of Reactivity Ratios in Copolymerization SystemsGuerrro-Sanchez, Carlos; Harrisson, Simon; Keddie, Daniel 22-Jul-2013
92013In vitro biostability of poly(dimethyl siloxane/hexamethylene oxide)-based polyurethane/layered silicate nanocompositesAndriani, Yosephine; Morrow, Isabel C; Taran, Elana; Edwards, Grant A; Schiller, Tara; Osman, Azlin F; Martin, Darren J17-Oct-2013
102012Synthesis of Symmetrical, Substituted (alkane-α,ω,-diyl)(bis[3,3'-allyl dithioethers]) Monomers for Photoplastic Polymer NetworksMoorhoff, Cornelis M; Cook, Wayne D; Schiller, Tara; Braybrook, Carl; Thang, San H4-Oct-2013