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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014The scene for new staff in 1955Stokes, Robin2-Feb-2015
22017Efficiency-Based Ranking: A Case of Vietnamese Public UniversitiesTran, Thi ; Crawford, Michael; Villano, Renato 30-May-2018
32018Resource considerations for integrated planning of railway traffic and maintenance windowsLiden, Tomas; Kalinowski, Thomas ; Waterer, Hamish22-Jun-2018
4-Scheduling of maintenance windows in a mining supply chain rail networkKalinowski, Thomas ; Matthews, Jason; Waterer, Hamish11-Apr-2019
5May-2016Minimum cardinality non-anticipativity constraint sets for multistage stochastic programmingBoland, Natashia; Dumitrescu, Irina; Froyland, Gary; Kalinowski, Thomas 26-Apr-2019
62008Reducing the tongue-and-groove underdosage in MLC shape matrix decompositionKalinowski, Thomas 26-Apr-2019
7Dec-2017Maintenance Scheduling in a Railway CorridorEskandarzadeh, Saman; Kalinowski, Thomas ; Waterer, Hamish26-Apr-2019
830-Jan-2014Scheduling arc maintenance jobs in a network to maximize total flow over timeBoland, Natashia; Kalinowski, Thomas ; Waterer, Hamish; Zheng, Lanbo24-Apr-2019
92008Multileaf Collimator Shape Matrix DecompositionKalinowski, Thomas 24-Apr-2019
101-Nov-2014Incremental network design with shortest pathsBaxter, Matthew; Elgindy, Tarek; Ernst, Andreas T; Kalinowski, Thomas ; Savelsbergh, Martin W P26-Apr-2019