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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12019Supervisory Teaching and Its Impact on Student Agency in Primary ClassroomsCrowhurst, Paul26-Sep-2019
227-Oct-2020Major and trace element concentrations, stable isotope ratios, and water contents for volcanic glasses from the Bonin forearc (IODP Expedition 352)Coulthard, Daniel A; Reagan, Mark K; Shimizu, Kenji; Bindeman, Ilya N; Brounce, Maryjo; Almeev, Renat R; Ryan, Jeffrey; Chapman, Timothy ; Shervais, John; Pearce, Julian A8-Sep-2021
31-Jul-2019Constructing Early Childhood Services as Culturally Credible Trauma Recovery Environments: An Exploration of Participatory Barriers and Enablers for Refugee FamiliesLamb, Cherie Suzanne; Sims, Margaret ; Nishida, Yukiyo 23-Jun-2020
42018Post-organisation: Rethinking a Ceremonial Fraternal SocietyThorley, Robert; Henning, Graydon ; Riley, Daniel 13-Oct-2021
531-Dec-1958Asteraceae of the N.C.W. Beadle HerbariumBruhl, Jeremy; Telford, Ian11-Sep-2018
62-May-2018Pasture, multi-enzymes, benzoic acid and essential oils positively influence performance, intestinal organ weight and egg quality in free-range laying hensIqbal, Zafar; Ruhnke, Isabelle; Swick, Robert12-Sep-2018
731-Dec-1958Spirit collection of the N.C.W. Beadle HerbariumBruhl, Jeremy; Telford, Ian11-Sep-2018
84-Dec-2017Soil organic carbon concentration in Eastern AustraliaHobley, Eleanor11-Sep-2018
92019The anatomy of a crushing bite: the specialised cranial mechanics of a giant extinct kangarooMitchell, D Rex 13-Aug-2019
1031-Dec-1958Cucurbitaceae of the N.C.W. Beadle HerbariumBruhl, Jeremy; Telford, Ian11-Sep-2018

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