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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006Engaging from a distance and on-campus with an introductory biology unitQuinn, Frances 12-Feb-2015
22005The use of inert markers for protein digestibility studies in dogsBrown, Wendy ; Choct, Mingan ; Pluske, J R18-Jan-2010
32002Towards Sterile Plant Production in Sturt's Desert Pea ('Swainsona formosa') via 'In Vivo' Triploid Plant ProductionTaji, Acram; Prakash, Nallamilli; Zulkarnair, Z18-Jan-2010
42002'In vitro' study of weed allelopathy on soybean (Glycine max)Taji, Acram; Jessop, Robin Stephen ; Chaniago, Irawati18-Jan-2010
52007Is Action Research an Appropriate Methodology to Investigate Distance Education in Brazil?Bossu, Carina 19-Jan-2010
62018'Sugar from Space': Using Satellite Imagery to Predict Cane Yield and VariabilityMuir, Jasmine ; Robson, Andrew ; Rahman, M M 21-Jul-2019
72010Macro and Micro Thematic Categories Hindering Customer Adoption of Internet Banking in Australian ContextAdapa, Sujana 6-Jun-2011
82002Critical Issues for Rural Businesses: Case Study Results from Two Regional Centres in New South WalesEpps, William Roger22-Jan-2010
92014Nutritive Value of Mulato II Hybrid ('Brachiaria' spp) for Cattle: Effect of Cutting Interval on Chemical Composition and In Situ Rumen DegradabilitySeng, Mom; Mob, Serey; Nolan, John V ; Savage, Darryl 25-Feb-2015
102007A New Dynamics Paradigm for Analysing Structural and Cultural Dynamics in an Educational OrganisationKivunja, Charles ; Power, Anne28-Jun-2012

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