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Title: GWAS of 126,559 Individuals Identifies Genetic Variants Associated with Educational Attainment
Contributor(s): Rietveld, C A (author); Medland, S E (author); Albrecht, E (author); Evans, D M (author); Faul, J D (author); Ferrucci, L (author); Garcia, M E (author); Gronberg, H (author); Guthnason, V (author); Hall, P (author); Harris, J M (author); Harris, T B (author); Hastie, N D (author); Alizadeh, B Z (author); Heath, A C (author); Hernandez, D G (author); Hoffmann, W (author); Hofman, A (author); Holle, R (author); Holliday, E G (author); Hottenga, J J (author); Iacono, W G (author); Illig, T (author); Jarvelin, M R (author); Amin, N (author); Kahonen, M (author); Kaprio, J (author); Kirkpatrick, R M (author); Kowgier, M (author); Latvala, A (author); Launer, L J (author); Lawlor, D A (author); Lehtimaki, T (author); Li, J (author); Lichtenstein, P (author); Barnard, J (author); Lichtner, P (author); Liewald, D C (author); Madden, P A (author); Magnusson, P K E (author); Makinen, T E (author); Masala, M (author); McGue, M (author); Metspalu, A (author); Mielck, A (author); Miller, M B (author); Baumeister, S E (author); Montgomery, G W (author); Mukherjee, S (author); Nyholt, D R (author); Oostra, B A (author); Palmer, L J (author); Palotie, A (author); Penninx, B W J H (author); Perola, M (author); Peyser, P A (author); Preisig, M (author); Benke, K S (author); Raikkonen, K (author); Raitakari, O T (author); Realo, A (author); Ring, S M (author); Ripatti, S (author); Rivadeneira, F (author); Rudan, I (author); Rustichini, A (author); Salomaa, V (author); Sarin, A P (author); Bielak, L F (author); Schlessinger, D (author); Scott, R J (author); Snieder, H (author); St Pourcain, B (author); Starr, J M (author); Sul, J H (author); Surakka, I (author); Svento, R (author); Teumer, A (author); Tiemeier, H (author); Boatman, J A (author); van Rooij, F J A (author); Van Wagoner, D R (author); Vartiainen, E (author); Viikari, J (author); Vollenweider, P (author); Vonk, J M (author); Waeber, G (author); Weir, D R (author); Wichmann, H E (author); Widen, E (author); Boyle, P A (author); Willemsen, G (author); Wilson, J F (author); Wright, A F (author); Conley, D (author); Davey-Smith, G (author); Franke, L (author); Groenen, P J F (author); Hofman, A (author); Johannesson, M (author); Kardia, S L R (author); Davies, G (author); Krueger, R F (author); Laibson, D (author); Martin, N G (author); Meyer, M N (author); Posthuma, D (author); Thurik, A R (author); Timpson, N J (author); Uitterlinden, A G (author); van Duijn, C M (author); Visscher, P M (author); Derringer, J (author); de Leeuw, C (author); Benjamin, D J (author); Cesarini, D (author); Koellinger, P D (author); Eklund, N (author); Evans, D S (author); Ferhmann, R (author); Fischer, K (author); Gieger, C (author); Gjessing, H K (author); Hagg, S (author); Harris, J R (author); Hayward, C (author); Yang, J (author); Holzapfel, C (author); Ibrahim-Verbaas, C A (author); Ingelsson, E (author); Jacobsson, B (author); Joshi, P K (author); Jugessur, A (author); Kaakinen, M (author); Kanoni, S (author); Karjalainen, J (author); Kolcic, I (author); Esko, T (author); Kristiansson, K (author); Kutalik, Z (author); Lahti, J (author); Lee, Sang Hong  (author); Lin, P (author); Lind, P A (author); Liu, Y (author); Lohman, K (author); Loitfelder, M (author); McMahon, G (author); Martin, N W (author); Vidal, P M (author); Meirelles, O (author); Milani, L (author); Myhre, R (author); Nuotio, M L (author); Oldmeadow, C J (author); Petrovic, K E (author); Peyrot, W J (author); Polasek, O (author); Quaye, L (author); Westra, H J (author); Reinmaa, E (author); Rice, J P (author); Rizzi, T S (author); Schmidt, H (author); Schmidt, R (author); Smith, A V (author); Smith, J A (author); Tanaka, T (author); Terracciano, A (author); van der Loos, M J H M (author); Shakhbazov, K (author); Vitart, V (author); Volzke, H (author); Wellmann, J (author); Yu, L (author); Zhao, W (author); Allik, J (author); Attia, J R (author); Bandinelli, S (author); Bastardot, F (author); Beauchamp, J (author); Abdellaoui, A (author); Bennett, D A (author); Berger, K (author); Bierut, L J (author); Boomsma, D I (author); Bultmann, U (author); Campbell, H (author); Chabris, C F (author); Cherkas, L (author); Chung, M K (author); Cucca, F (author); Agrawal, A (author); de Andrade, M (author); De Jager, P L (author); De Neve, J E (author); Deary, I J (author); Dedoussis, G V (author); Deloukas, P (author); Dimitriou, M (author); Eiriksdottir, G (author); Elderson, M F (author); Eriksson, J G (author)
Publication Date: 2013
Open Access: Yes
DOI: 10.1126/science.1235488Open Access Link
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Abstract: A genome-wide association study (GWAS) of educational attainment was conducted in a discovery sample of 101,069 individuals and a replication sample of 25,490. Three independent single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are genome-wide significant (rs9320913, rs11584700, rs4851266), and all three replicate. Estimated effects sizes are small (coefficient of determination R2 ≈ 0.02%), approximately 1 month of schooling per allele. A linear polygenic score from all measured SNPs accounts for ≈2% of the variance in both educational attainment and cognitive function. Genes in the region of the loci have previously been associated with health, cognitive, and central nervous system phenotypes, and bioinformatics analyses suggest the involvement of the anterior caudate nucleus. These findings provide promising candidate SNPs for follow-up work, and our effect size estimates can anchor power analyses in social-science genetics.
Publication Type: Journal Article
Source of Publication: Science, 340(6139), p. 1467-1471
Publisher: American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
Place of Publication: United States of America
ISSN: 1095-9203
Fields of Research (FoR) 2008: 060405 Gene Expression (incl. Microarray and other genome-wide approaches)
Fields of Research (FoR) 2020: 310505 Gene expression (incl. microarray and other genome-wide approaches)
Socio-Economic Objective (SEO) 2008: 920110 Inherited Diseases (incl. Gene Therapy)
Socio-Economic Objective (SEO) 2020: 200101 Diagnosis of human diseases and conditions
Peer Reviewed: Yes
HERDC Category Description: C1 Refereed Article in a Scholarly Journal
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