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Title: Ancient human genomes suggest three ancestral populations for present-day Europeans
Contributor(s): Lazaridis, Iosif (author); Patterson, Nick (author); Berger, Bonnie (author); Zemunik, Tatijana (author); Cooper, Alan (author); Capelli, Cristian (author); Thomas, Mark G (author); Ruiz-Linares, Andres (author); Tishkoff, Sarah A (author); Singh, Lalji (author); Thangaraj, Kumarasamy (author); Villems, Richard (author); Comas, David (author); Economou, Christos (author); Sukernik, Rem (author); Metspalu, Mait (author); Meyer, Matthias (author); Eichler, Evan E (author); Burger, Joachim (author); Slatkin, Montgomery (author); Paabo, Svante (author); Kelso, Janet (author); Reich, David (author); Krause, Johannes (author); Bollongino, Ruth (author); Fu, Qiaomei (author); Bos, Kirsten I (author); Nordenfelt, Susanne (author); Li, Heng (author); de Filippo, Cesare (author); Prufer, Kay (author); Sawyer, Susanna (author); Mittnik, Alissa (author); Posth, Cosimo (author); Haak, Wolfgang (author); Hallgren, Fredrik (author); Fornander, Elin (author); Rohland, Nadin (author); Delsate, Dominique (author); Francken, Michael (author); Guinet, Jean-Michel (author); Wahl, Joachim (author); Ayodo, George (author); Renaud, Gabriel (author); Babiker, Hamza A (author); Bailliet, Graciela (author); Balanovska, Elena (author); Balanovsky, Oleg (author); Barrantes, Ramiro (author); Bedoya, Gabriel (author); Ben-Ami, Haim (author); Bene, Judit (author); Berrada, Fouad (author); Bravi, Claudio M (author); Mallick, Swapan (author); Brisighelli, Francesca (author); Busby, George B J (author); Cali, Francesco (author); Churnosov, Mikhail (author); Cole, David E C (author); Corach, Daniel (author); Damba, Larissa (author); van Driem, George (author); Dryomov, Stanislav (author); Dugoujon, Jean-Michel (author); Kirsanow, Karola (author); Fedorova, Sardana A (author); Gallego Romero, Irene (author); Gubina, Marina (author); Hammer, Michael (author); Henn, Brenna M (author); Hervig, Tor (author); Hodoglugil, Ugur (author); Jha, Aashish R (author); Karachanak-Yankova, Sena (author); Khusainova, Rita (author); Sudmant, Peter H (author); Khusnutdinova, Elza (author); Kittles, Rick (author); Kivisild, Toomas (author); Klitz, William (author); Kucinskas, Vaidutis (author); Kushniarevich, Alena (author); Laredj, Leila (author); Litvinov, Sergey (author); Loukidis, Theologos (author); Mahley, Robert W (author); Schraiber, Joshua G (author); Melegh, Bela (author); Metspalu, Ene (author); Molina, Julio (author); Mountain, Joanna (author); Nakkalajarvi, Klemetti (author); Nesheva, Desislava (author); Nyambo, Thomas (author); Osipova, Ludmila (author); Parik, Juri (author); Platonov, Fedor (author); Castellano, Sergi (author); Posukh, Olga (author); Romano, Valentino (author); Rothhammer, Francisco (author); Rudan, Igor (author); Ruizbakiev, Ruslan (author); Sahakyan, Hovhannes (author); Sajantila, Antti (author); Salas, Antonio (author); Starikovskaya, Elena B (author); Tarekegn, Ayele (author); Lipson, Mark (author); Toncheva, Draga (author); Turdikulova, Shahlo (author); Uktveryte, Ingrida (author); Utevska, Olga (author); Vasquez, Rene (author); Villena, Mercedes (author); Voevoda, Mikhail (author); Winkler, Cheryl A (author); Yepiskoposyan, Levon (author); Zalloua, Pierre (author)
Publication Date: 2014
Open Access: Yes
DOI: 10.1038/nature13673Open Access Link
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Abstract: We sequenced the genomes of a ~7,000-year-old farmer from Germany and eight ~8,000-year-old hunter-gatherers from Luxembourg and Sweden. We analysed these and other ancient genomes ¹⁻⁴ with 2,345 contemporary humans to show thatmost present-day Europeans derive from atleast three highly differentiated populations: west European hunter-gatherers, who contributed ancestry to all Europeans but not to Near Easterners; ancient north Eurasians related to Upper Palaeolithic Siberians³, who contributed to both Europeans and Near Easterners; and early European farmers, who were mainly of Near Eastern origin but also harboured west European hunter-gatherer related ancestry. We model these populations' deep relationships and show that early European farmers had 44% ancestry from a 'basal Eurasian' population that split before the diversification of other non-African lineages.
Publication Type: Journal Article
Source of Publication: Nature, 513(7518), p. 409-413
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Place of Publication: United Kingdom
ISSN: 1476-4687
Field of Research (FOR): 219999 History and Archaeology not elsewhere classified
Socio-Economic Outcome Codes: 950399 Heritage not elsewhere classified
Peer Reviewed: Yes
HERDC Category Description: C1 Refereed Article in a Scholarly Journal
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