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dc.contributor.authorWalkden-Brown, Steve Wen
dc.contributor.authorGroves, Peter Johnen
dc.identifier.citationProceedings of the 95th District Veterinarians Conference, p. 183-188en
dc.description.abstractMarek's disease (MD) is a common disease of chickens worldwide, including Australia, caused by the Marek's disease virus (MDV), a cell-associated alphaherpesvirus. The virus is lymphotrophic, but also infects cells of the feather follicle epithelium in which it replicates rapidly and is shed in feather dander, being transmitted laterally via inhalation of this material. The disease as first described by Josef Marek in 1907 was characterised by paralysis and lymphocytic infiltration of peripheral nerves in older chickens. This form of the disease, known as "classical" MD was superseded in the 1950s and 60s by "acute" MD characterised primarily by lymphomas in multiple organs in younger chickens. This development, associated with the intensification of the poultry industry, was a major threat to the industry until the concurrent discovery of the causative agent and development of live vaccines in the UK and USA in 1969. Since that time, there has been an ongoing evolution of virulence of MDV in countries such as the USA, associated with sequential vaccine failure and greater virulence in unvaccinated chickens with or without maternal antibody directed against MDV. Marek's disease vaccines are "imperfect" in that they protect against MD but not infection and shedding of virus, and as such are implicated in the evolution of virulence of the virus. Recent modelling work, based on our Australian research has shown that both vaccination and the reduced host lifespan that has occurred with the intensification of the chicken meat industry are implicated as causes of the observed increase in virulence.en
dc.publisherDistrict Veterinarians Associationen
dc.relation.ispartofProceedings of the 95th District Veterinarians Conferenceen
dc.titleMarek's Disease in Australia - Developments in Monitoring and Controlen
dc.typeConference Publicationen
dc.relation.conference95th District Veterinarians Conference, Armidale, Australia, 18th - 21st March, 2013en
dc.subject.keywordsVeterinary Virologyen
local.contributor.firstnameSteve Wen
local.contributor.firstnamePeter Johnen
local.subject.for2008070712 Veterinary Virologyen
local.subject.seo2008830309 Poultryen
local.profile.schoolSchool of Environmental and Rural Scienceen
local.profile.schoolSchool of Environmental and Rural Scienceen
local.record.institutionUniversity of New Englanden
local.publisher.placeArmidale, Australiaen
local.title.maintitleMarek's Disease in Australia - Developments in Monitoring and Controlen
local.output.categorydescriptionE2 Non-Refereed Scholarly Conference Publicationen
local.conference.details95th District Veterinarians Conference, Armidale, Australia, 18th - 21st March, 2013en
local.description.statisticsepubsVisitors: 182<br />Views: 183<br />Downloads: 0en, Steve Wen, Peter Johnen
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