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Region #
OC - Oceania 2159017
NA - North America 135922
EU - Europe 81476
AS - Asia, other 54772
AF - Africa 7880
SA - South America 5634
AN - Antarctica 3
Total 2444704
Country #
AU - Australia 2155734
US - United States of America 130066
FR - France 22718
CN - China 18273
SE - Sweden 13584
GB - United Kingdom 11276
IE - Ireland 8034
DE - Germany 7176
CA - Canada 4320
IN - India 4310
other - Other Country 248473
Total 2623964
City #
Armidale 829810
Melbourne 541857
Yeronga 164316
Alameda 15213
Canberra 13170
San Mateo 10707
Mountain View 9563
Louisville 8897
Ashburn 8511
Sydney 8403
other 919407
Total 2529854
Most viewed items #
ID: 1bc3f917-cef5-4ada-961e-b28f4bdd4d25 - Modelling of dengue fever and its vector risks based on the impacts of socioeconomic, meteorological and environmental factors: a Geographic Information System-based case study of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 7350
ID: 35461225-c575-41f5-9f48-effe6a7a14b4 - Young children's understandings and experiences of parental deployment within an Australian Defence Force family 5976
ID: c81a9106-ffa3-4070-8db4-3eea1992841b - FRETILIN Popular Education 1973-1978 and its Relevance to Timor-Leste Today 5420
ID: 9006d308-766a-4090-b69a-7785913788f0 - Botanical Investigation of New South Wales 1811-1880: An examination of the means by which botanical knowledge of the area now known as New South Wales was gained and recorded during the seventy years from the publication of Robert Brown's Prodromus florae Novae Hollandiae to the second year after the completion of George Bentham's Flora Australiensis 5003
ID: e2109261-e678-4efb-8f94-3ded534c1f26 - A History of the Askin Government 1965-1975 3764
ID: f39fce84-1687-41da-a32f-4142b5d1f553 - Mentoring Teachers with a Critical Friend: Transforming Professional Development through Visual Tools 3600
ID: b3016b95-1ca1-42fe-b274-6ab5b5262f05 - Determinants of Islamic bank profitability 3596
ID: 67ae8862-64b9-4a6b-af4e-e4891442ed66 - The Women's Movement in New South Wales, 1880-1914 3388
ID: f4422b07-b85a-4b7f-a113-5067c4b1f54c - Aspects of the Behaviour and Ecology of the White Cockatoo ('Cacatua galerita') and Galah ('C. roseicapilla') in Croplands in North-East New South Wales 3151
ID: 2dae0f1c-aaa2-4771-9968-47d12a0e5490 - William Kingdon Clifford: An unconventional mind 3103
ID: 3f7e46cb-ccc6-4c01-8e78-88c8a10813c9 - The Depiction of Environment Through Art: The Role of Exhibited Environmental Art in Public Engagement with Environmental Sustainability: A Case Study of the Bimblebox Art-Science-Nature Exhibition 3050
ID: 5aa06e23-f9eb-4d65-9f12-a9381d512118 - Inscribing the Plains: Constructed, Conceptualised and Socialized Landscapes of the Hay Plain, South Eastern Australia 2996
ID: 10a03e64-02b7-46ad-a0fb-9d16175c93ec - Utilisation of remnant Brigalow communities and adjacent pastures by the Black-striped Wallaby ('Macropus dorsalis') 2895
ID: 8b6b8e69-3513-4b11-8ae9-47a7a98df671 - 'In vitro' and 'in vivo' characterization of selected Australian isolates of Marek's disease virus 2836
ID: 30b72c06-98f9-42f4-9948-e34c41705810 - Physiology of Digestion in the Macropodine Marsupials 2720
ID: a675b063-d91c-47f4-9dcf-c4d32e7693ba - Gross National Happiness Education in Bhutanese Schools: Understanding the Experiences and Efficacy Beliefs of Principals and Teachers 2690
ID: 56a6376e-1fd2-4cca-8ce1-7e334ba5a30b - Path dependence: an approach for framing constraints on adaptation in Australian dairy farms 2633
ID: 3161cf3f-52ca-481b-bbb4-3bcf02945c75 - On-animal motion sensing using accelerometers as a tool for monitoring sheep behaviour and health status 2627
ID: 3d8f3f05-393c-4ae8-812e-f5b4d96dc366 - Cultural changes and the impact of social influences in Saudi women's purchasing behaviour 2582
ID: e71cf3fe-fab0-40e2-8f18-9033881fb6c6 - Witch Hunter: The Impact and Influence Of The Reverend Samuel Parris On The Salem Village Witch Trials 1692 2549
ID: 52e03001-9eb2-404b-8efc-1fd61cb70848 - Beyond the Frame: A Study in Observational Documentary Ethics 2544
ID: d9e798c4-8ea5-4997-b2a5-ac4e23b41a84 - The Adoption of Agricultural Innovations 2525
ID: 38fd92c8-775b-4d30-a825-eb84c2192ad1 - Teaching and Learning Functional Grammar in Junior Primary Classrooms 2511
ID: 877f0b0b-5b7b-4281-a140-d397b8be8c80 - Default Mode Network Electroencephalographic Activity in Depression and Depression Subtypes 2499
ID: 3d7736be-4b4a-488c-876a-67bffe6485c3 - Art as everyday practice: A study of gongfu tea in Chaoshan, China 2458
ID: 9cad6207-f3ac-4ab4-ac88-9b0d5d262cc8 - Aboriginal Rock Art in Carnarvon Gorge, South Central Queensland 2438
ID: 500a581b-0ca2-4d21-9ca9-0a4ed3ea4b5d - Pawsitive Solutions: The symbiotic relationship between prisoners and dogs 2435
ID: 95fb72b8-b912-4f4f-b495-98cbb2cc9313 - A New Approach to post-graduate educational programs for the Creative Industries 2423
ID: fdb19ca2-9faf-4d84-8def-fcbca3f890b8 - Ecological Energetics of Wombats 2416
ID: 2d43770b-75f6-428d-acef-5c04bca905d8 - Qualitative Analyses of a Fundamental Motor Skill Across the Lifespan: Linking Practice and Theory 2413
ID: 18b87a81-59de-43c4-8406-f8800470be5c - Quantifying daily methane production of beef cattle from multiple short-term measures using the GreenFeed system 2368
ID: 042c1902-7169-4a1a-915a-3f0bfe6ded5e - The dynamics of Chinese learning journeys: a longitudinal study of adult learners of Mandarin in Australia 2358
ID: 9c522685-f1a3-45a4-949c-adca8f9e3c3a - Plutonic and Metamorphic Rocks of the Walcha-Nowendoc-Yarrowitch District, Northern New South Wales 2350
ID: bb0de4c3-7f86-495e-9fe5-51d39048594b - Developing cross-cultural knowledge ('right way' science) to support Indigenous cultural fire management 2337
ID: 6cd03715-31ff-4157-b7cb-c831d2262d39 - Behind Closed Doors: Exploring Ways to Support Partnered Baby Boomers' Coupledom in Residential Aged Care Settings 2327
ID: 38b5700c-b550-4eda-84a2-02b143bf9948 - Songlines of Learning: The Establishment of Shearwater The Mullumbimby Steiner School as a Centre of Place Conscious Education 2320
ID: c757e1b1-2518-4c35-8576-a23be8ecc978 - Opening the doors of possibility for gifted/high-ability children with learning difficulties: Preliminary assessment strategies for primary school teachers 2318
ID: 106c99c6-a1e6-4013-9ac0-bad11c9220fc - The Development of an Australian Academic Library: Dixson Library, University of New England, 1938-1973 2305
ID: ede1f1f7-8a9c-4e97-9f9a-4bc40d597a79 - What Does It Take To Be A Good Social Worker?: A Study Exploring the Dynamics Involved in Performing Emotional Labour in the Practice Context of Vulnerable Children and Their Families 2297
ID: 1f7d7df0-edd8-4c11-9d20-95d990ee9470 - Effective corporate governance and the cost of capital and financial performance: An empirical investigation into the peculiar link in Saudi stock market listed firms 2286
ID: 61e64ae7-97a9-451e-b835-cc5c0e3eda43 - Global geographic reach: A Delphi study into the future of the airline industry 2269
ID: 7b6d6c6e-81d1-4694-8593-222c6117798d - An exploration of the development of public policy for the introduction of Nurse Practitioners in NSW: 1990–1998 2267
ID: 42625fce-6d4c-406b-bbaa-3fcfa9da64be - Mental Suffering – Interpretations and A Counselling Framework: A Mixed Methods Study in Hong Kong 2265
ID: 12cc2540-b537-46d3-a027-83868af69628 - Representing the Dingo: An Examination of Dingo-Human Encounters in Australian Cultural and Environmental Heritage 2264
ID: 6a4f2f16-52af-44db-bccb-2e16e4d2f091 - Chinese Market Gardening in Australia and New Zealand, 1860s - 1960s: A Study in Technology Transfer 2252
ID: d03924a2-1da7-48dd-973d-024bf15adb1c - Factors influencing Barbervax® immunity and effects on wellbeing and production in Merino ewes and lambs 2250
ID: 0f96bb57-e107-487f-bbe3-fd64c02f1096 - Supporting Home-School Partnerships during Stage 6 in the New England Region 2249
ID: 49ec088f-e24b-40ff-98ab-0c7e6cde0a23 - Farmers' Adaptive Responses to Climate Change: Evidence from the Small-Scale Rubber Sector in Southeast Vietnam 2233
ID: 67ad3d8b-de26-4e96-8cff-f7a4ee505a8a - Food in Hospitals: The patients' perspective 2230
ID: 1c6bcc09-9f2d-4dd2-b7e0-7863da58272e - The Deployment of the Language of Evaluation in English and Vietnamese Spoken Discourse 2226
ID: 72f1a73c-cd47-4b82-9c37-15fd5dd79f2a - The health that workers want 2214
Total 144576

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2020 702510077 11897391672076825664 45016320092974821485 923320129 272218
2021 1437540712 25080225036833083734 99315752324707761768 5111154518 643755
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