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118-Sep-2020Role of Lung Microbiome in Innate Immune Response Associated With Chronic Lung DiseasesRaj Paudel, Keshav; Dharwal, Vivek; Patel, Vyoma K; Galvao, Izabela; Wadhwa, Ridhima; Malyla, Vamshikrishna; Shen, Sj Sijie; Budden, Kurtis F; Hansbro, Nicole G; Vaughan, Annalicia; Yang, Ian A; Kohonen-Corish, Maija R J; Bebawy, Mary ; Dua, Kamal; Hansbro, Philip M8-Jul-2024
2Sep-2020Ca2+ mediates extracellular vesicle biogenesis through alternate pathways in malignancyTaylor, Jack; Azimi, Iman; Monteith, Gregory; Bebawy, Mary 5-Jul-2024
313-Mar-2020A liquid biopsy to detect multidrug resistance and disease burden in multiple myelomaRajeev Krishnan, Sabna; De Rubis, Gabriele; Suen, Hayley; Joshua, Douglas; Lam Kwan, Yiu; Bebawy, Mary 8-Jul-2024
418-Sep-2017Proteins regulating the intercellular transfer and function of P-glycoprotein in multidrug-resistant cancerPokharel, Deep; Roseblade, Ariane; Oenarto, Vici; Lu, Jamie F; Bebawy, Mary 11-Jul-2024
52017Microparticles shed from multidrug resistant breast cancer cells provide a parallel survival pathway through immune evasionJaiswal, Ritu; Johnson, Michael S; Pokharel, Deep; Krishnan, Rajeev; Bebawy, Mary 11-Jul-2024
62016The Role of CD44 and ERM Proteins in Expression and Functionality of P-glycoprotein in Breast Cancer CellsPokharel, Deep; Padula, Matthew P; Lu, Jamie F; Jaiswal, Ritu; Djordjevic, Steven P; Bebawy, Mary 12-Jul-2024

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