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19-May-2024Potency of New Additives in Controlling Coccidiosis and Necrotic Enteritis in Broiler Chickens, Under In Vitro and In Vivo ConditionsDaneshmand, Ali ; Qassim, Sarbast ; Sharma, Nishchal Kumar ; Wu, Shubiao 17-May-2024
2Nov-2023Xylanase and beta-glucanase improve performance parameters and footpad dermatitis and modulate intestinal microbiota in broilers under an Eimeria challengeDaneshmand, Ali ; Kumar, Alip ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Aguiar Mateus Pasquali, Guilherme; Wu, Shu-biao 2-Nov-2023
3Oct-2023Buffered formic acid and a monoglyceride blend improve performance and modulate gut bacteria and immunity gene expression in broilers under necrotic enteritis challengeDaneshmand, Ali ; Sharma, Nishchal K ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Hall, Leon; Wu, Shubiao 2-Nov-2023
4Mar-2023Spray-dried porcine plasma enhances feed efficiency, intestinal integrity, and immune response of broilers challenged with necrotic enteritisDaneshmand, A ; Sharma, N K ; Dao, T H ; Barekatain, R; Swick, R A ; Wu, S 1-Nov-2023
52022Supplementation of reduced protein diets with L-arginine and L-citrulline for broilers challenged with subclinical necrotic enteritis. 1. Growth, carcass yield, and intestinal lesion scoresDao, Hiep Thi ; Sharma, Nishchal K ; Daneshmand, Ali ; Kumar, Alip ; Bradbury, Emma J; Wu, Shu-Biao ; Swick, Robert A 13-May-2022
62-Oct-2019Antimicrobial peptide, cLF36, affects performance and intestinal morphology, microflora, junctional proteins, and immune cells in broilers challenged with E. coliDaneshmand, Ali ; Kermanshahi, Hassan; Sekhavati, Mohammad Hadi; Javadmanesh, Ali; Ahmadian, Monireh7-Apr-2022
72019Conditioning time and sodium bentonite affect pellet quality, growth performance, nutrient retention and intestinal morphology of growing broiler chickensAttar, A; Kermanshahi, H; Golian, A; Pour, A Abbasi; Daneshmand, Ali 25-Apr-2022

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