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110-Nov-2023Treating Depression and Anxiety Disorders Simultaneously in Patients With Cardiovascular Diseases Utilizing the Unified ProtocolTully, Phillip J ; Cosh, Suzanne M 7-Feb-2024
22023Passion moderates the relationship between exercise identity and compulsive exerciseCosh, Suzanne M ; Loi, Natasha M ; McNeil, Dominic G 13-Jun-2023
32022International society of sport psychology position stand: mental health through occupational health and safety in high performance sportSchinke, Robert J; Giffin, Cole; Cosh, Suzanne ; Douglas, Kitrina; Rhind, Daniel; Harwood, Chris; Si, Gangyan; Papaiounnou, Athanasios9-Dec-2021
411-May-2021Hoarding to the heart's content: a case series and detailed case report of hoarding treatment in heart failureTully, Phillip ; Cosh, Suzanne ; Wootton, Bethany22-Jul-2023

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Cosh, Susanne M
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