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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Nov-2018A nurse working for the Third Reich: Eva Justin, RN, PhDBenedict, Susan; Shields, Linda; Holmes, Colin ; Kurth, Julia8-Aug-2019
22016Self-reported long-term conditions of nurses and midwives across a northern Australian health service: A surveySmyth, Wendy; Lindsay, David; Holmes, Colin ; Gardner, Anne; Rahman, Kazi Mizanur19-May-2017
32016Nurses Writing about Psychiatric Nurses' Involvement in Killings during the Nazi Era: A Preliminary Discourse AnalysisHolmes, Colin ; McAllister, Margaret; Crowther, Andrew25-May-2017
42014Reflective practice: what, why and howUsher, Kim ; Holmes, Colin 30-Apr-2015
52014Practice nurses and cervical screening: A two-country reviewHolmes, Colin ; Mills, Jane; Chamberlain-Salaun, Jennifer19-May-2017
62014Newton's cradle: a metaphor to consider the flexibility, resistance and direction of nursing's futureMcAllister, Margaret; Madsen, Wendy; Holmes, Colin 19-May-2017
72014Cluster randomised controlled trial: Educational self-care intervention with older Taiwanese patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus - Impact on blood glucose levels and diabetic complicationsChao, Ying-Hua; Usher, Kim ; Buettner, Petra; Holmes, Colin 17-Apr-2014
82013Nurses experiences in chemical emergency departments: Iran-Iraq war, 1980-1988Firouzkouhi, Mohammadreza; Zargham-Boroujeni, Ali; Nouraei, Morteza; Yousefi, Hojatollah; Holmes, Colin 19-May-2017
92013The wartime experience of civilian nurses in Iran-Iraq war, 1980-1988: An historical researchFirouzkouhi, Mohammadreza; Zargham-Boroujeni, Ali; Nouraei, Morteza; Yousefi, Hojatollah; Holmes, Colin 19-May-2017
102013Exploring the Role of Music Therapy in Cardiac Rehabilitation After Cardiothoracic SurgeryShort, Alison; Gibb, Heather; Fildes, Jennifer; Holmes, Colin 23-May-2017
112012Nominal group technique: An effective method for obtaining group consensusHarvey, Nichole; Holmes, Colin 19-May-2017
122012Reclaiming caring in nursing leadership: A deconstruction of leadership using a Habermasian lensStewart, Lee; Holmes, Colin ; Usher, Kim 17-Apr-2014
132011Carspecken's critical methodology - A theoretical assessmentHolmes, Colin ; Smyth, Wendy17-May-2017
142011Deconstructing the DSM-IV-TR: A critical perspectiveWarelow, Philip; Holmes, Colin 17-May-2017
152011Integrating words, images, and text in BMGIM: Finding connections through semiotic intertextualityShort, Alison; Gibb, Heather; Holmes, Colin 19-May-2017
162011Invited Commentary: A post-deferential society?Holmes, Colin 17-May-2017
172010Reflective practice: what, why and howUsher, Kim ; Holmes, Colin 14-Apr-2014

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