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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
119-Jul-2015The Fly-in Fly-out and Drive-in Drive-out model of health care service provision for rural and remote Australia: benefits and disadvantagesHussain, R ; Maple, M ; Hunter, S V ; Mapedzahama, V ; Reddy, P10-Aug-2015
22015Sticks and stones: How words and language impact upon social inclusionMcKay, Kathryn ; Wark, Stuart ; Mapedzahama, Virginia ; Dune, Tinashe ; Rahman, Saifur ; MacPhail, Catherine 29-Sep-2015
32014SexualityDune, Tinashe ; Mapedzahama, Virginia ; Rahman, Saifur 20-Nov-2013
42014Black on Black: Insider Positionality and the Black African Migrant Research Experience in AustraliaMapedzahama, Virginia ; Kwansah-Aidoo, Kwamena26-Mar-2014
52014Work and Family in a Cross-Cultural Context: A Comparative Review of Work-Family Experiences of Working Mothers in Australia and ZimbabweMapedzahama, Virginia 3-Feb-2014
62014Night Work and the Reproductive Health of Women: An Integrated Literature ReviewChau, Yu Moon; West, Sandra; Mapedzahama, Virginia 9-Apr-2014
72014Fairytales, Folklore and Femininity: Making Sense of the (Un)Sexed Female Body across Time and SpaceMcKay, Kathryn ; Dune, Tinashe ; MacPhail, Catherine ; Mapedzahama, Virginia ; Maple, Myfanwy 23-Sep-2014
82014Opportunities and challenges of FIFO and DIDO healthcare services in rural and remote AustraliaHussain, Rafat ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Hunter, Sally ; Mapedzahama, Virginia ; Reddy, Prasuna2-Jul-2014
92013Negotiating Diasporic Black African Existence in Australia: A Reflexive AnalysisMapedzahama, Virginia ; Kwansah-Aidoo, Kwamena17-Jul-2013
102013Fairytales, Folklore and Femininity: Making Sense of the (Un)Sexed Female Body Across Time and SpaceMcKay, Kathryn ; Dune, Tinashe ; MacPhail, Catherine ; Mapedzahama, Virginia ; Maple, Myfanwy 12-Mar-2014
112012The Violence of Tolerance in a Multicultural Workplace: Examples from NursingRudge, Trudy; Mapedzahama, Virginia ; West, Sandra; Perron, Amelie9-May-2013
122012Black nurse in white space? Rethinking the in/visibility of race within the Australian nursing workplaceMapedzahama, Virginia ; Rudge, Trudy; West, Sandra; Perron, Amelie8-Apr-2013
132012Rethinking shiftwork: mid-life nurses making it work!West, Sandra; Mapedzahama, Virginia ; Ahern, Maureen; Rudge, Trudy8-Apr-2013
142011Racial/ised Visibility and Problematised Difference in Australian Workplaces: The Case of Skilled Black African Migrant NursesMapedzahama, Virginia ; Rudge, Trudy; West, Sandra; Perron, Amelie8-Jul-2013
152010"Where are you from?" The Paradox of African Identity and Belonging in AustraliaMapedzahama, Virginia ; Kwansah-Aidoo, Kwamena8-Jul-2013
162009Weaving Paid Work, Informal Sector Work and Motherhood in Harare (Zimbabwe): A New Arena For Research?Mapedzahama, Virginia 28-Jun-2013
172009"It's Hard Being a Mother, a Worker and a Wife!": Researching Women's Work/life Negotiations in ZimbabweMapedzahama, Virginia 9-Oct-2014

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Dr Virginia Mapedzahama
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Mapedzahama, Virginia
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School of Rural Medicine
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